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    Windows 7 (& Vista) - Photoshop CS5 (&3) - Sleep Function

    I have not heard of this issue before however that is not to say the problem doesn't exist. This happens on both the Vista and Windows 7 machines?
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    Installation problem Windows 7 Ultimate

    Most of the time Windows 7 does not need SATA or RAID drivers prior to installation, however sometimes -- it does. I may have missed this but have you attempted installation with RAID drivers?
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    TV Tuner Issue

    What type of a cable box do you currently have? (Analog / Digital) Some TV Tuners have a special IR adapter for use with a remote that comes with the hardware. Simultaneously, some laptops come with a remote control that can be used with WMP. Are you able to see any image from your cable...
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    Which one

    When considering the move to Windows 7, you might want to also check with the Windows 7 Compatibility Center that your games are compatible. The Windows 7 Compatibility Center is available here: Windows 7 Compatibility: Software Programs and Hardware Devices: Find Updates, Drivers, and Downloads...
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    i need help please!! weird thing happend

    Have you attempted to readjust your screen resolution by chance? Simply so you can grab the window and move it where you need it? Could you post a screenshot?
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    Unable to locate MBR or HDD until system shut off for a few hours

    Is it possible you have ACPI or chipset drivers missing or not up to date. It's slightly alarming that you have had to tolerate intermittent wake ups. Is wake on lan turn on?
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    Installing Windows 7 -> Crash Memory Dump (BSOD)

    Re: Help Have you checked your memory (Windows Memory Diagnostic / Memtest x86)? Are there any SATA drivers for your chipset that should be loaded prior to install?
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    Sysinternals Rammap not working in Windows 7 Home Premium

    Have you considered upgrading to Windows 7 Pro solely to use the XP Mode / Virtual PC feature? Also, have you considered running the application through compatibility mode? To learn more about XP Mode / Virtual PC, please see the following link: Download Windows XP Mode
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    Win 7 erased drivers and cannot reinstall them

    When you say that you download the necessary drivers from Gateway's website but you can't find them -- are you referring to after installation or after download? Is it possibly extracting the necessary files to a cab folder?
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    installation is freezing instantly - last driver loaded is disk.sys

    If the issue doesn't prove to be driver related, have you performed a chkdsk on your drive to ensure the issue is not hardware related?
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    Sound Mixer requires repeated attention to "Mute" when Windows sounds are enabled

    Perhaps I am not understanding the problem correctly -- when you click on the sound icon in the taskbar you can select mixer and mute system sounds as well as application sounds and leave only the volume for Media Player / iTunes / VLC / etc. audible. Is this an inconvenience?
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    Windows 7 BOOT

    Saltgrass is correct -- if you were to use a bootable version of GParted or even Partition Magic you could expand your current Windows 7 partition into the remaining space that lies where XP used to. After you only have one partition you could then set the Windows 7 partition to active and use...
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    Bluetooth Headset and Tv Tuner problem

    Please let us know if Cybercore's advice works. Because most audio features work through the headset, I'm going to guess the last part of Cybercore's post will probably be the best solution.
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    Control Panel positioning?

    I'm not sure the images attached themselves. Could you perhaps try again. It is a bit troublesome to follow your description and an image would help best.
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    Help Me please...( how to locate UUID )

    I am going to have to decline assistance as we are unable to verify your need for this. If you could provide a legitimate reason for requiring the UUID I will be much more inclined to assist you. Thank you for your understanding.