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    64-bit on my netbook?

    Negative, the atom processors are only x86.
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    Backups painfully slow!!

    I was using the built in one within windows. I will give robocopy a shot right now thanks!!! can't get robocopy to run. It runs but it doesn't copy anything I have tried various checkboxes but no dice. Will keep hammering at it.
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    Backups painfully slow!!

    Hi all using build 7000 on following specs. C2D 2GHZ 2GB ram P945 chipset. I have 3 hard drives (sata II) Y=350GB used Z=550GB used backing up to a 1.5TB drive. I used windows backup and after 12 hours it was only at 51%??? I have tested copying files btw the drives and I...
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