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    Problem with reset

    Is this an RT tablet, or an Intel tablet?
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    Latest Server 2012 Updates Removes Adobe Flash

    A few of us over at MSFN use Server 2012 security-only updates to patch Windows 8 until October 2023. However ..... As of July 2021, all of the new security only updates for Server 2012 (including KB5004294 and KB5004960) now will remove the Adobe Flash Component from Windows 8. I enjoy...
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    A person attached to window 8.1

    Still running Windows 8 as my daily driver on an HP xw8600 PC workstation
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    I Have Windows 7.... I DON'T Want Windows 10..... Is Windows 8 a Good Choice?

    It amazes me that folks who hated Windows 8 like Windows 10, citing the latter looks less like a tablet OS. The new Windows 10 Start Menu with Live Tiles IS the Start Screen minimized. I used Windows 8 as a desktop OS, and with Classic Shell, I have concealed the Start Screen and most Metro...
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    Why was Windows 8 so bad? update issue or Bugs

    As a desktop OS, used alongside Classic Shell, it can work splendidly. I love using Windows 8.
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    Can I still use Windows 8 after 2021?

    And you can use Windows 8 if you would like, but just install Server 2012 updates from the Microsoft Catalog. I've been doing just that very happily for six years now. :)
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    Which Anti-Virus do You Use?

    At the time, Windows 8 didn't exist for this survey. However, I use the built in Windows Defender (I voted MSE therefore). For manual full scans, I use Malwarebytes v1.75.
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    Which Windows Do You Use?

    Also using Windows 8. I find that Windows 8.1 improvements were mostly for the Metro side of things. Very little change to the desktop. Besides I update with Server 2012 updates, so I can patch the OS past it's January 2016 support cut off. That means no telemetry updates or CPU blocking...
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    Remove ALL telemetry updates from Windows 7 & 8 and 8.1

    I hope it's OK to ask this question, but it seems to be a relevant thread, despite it's over a year ago. I run Windows 8 (yes the original), and I kept it updated by using updates from Server 2012, which are codebase identical. I was of the belief that Windows 8 was free of the telemetry and...