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    Which Anti-Virus do You Use?

    At the time, Windows 8 didn't exist for this survey. However, I use the built in Windows Defender (I voted MSE therefore). For manual full scans, I use Malwarebytes v1.75.
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    Which Windows Do You Use?

    Also using Windows 8. I find that Windows 8.1 improvements were mostly for the Metro side of things. Very little change to the desktop. Besides I update with Server 2012 updates, so I can patch the OS past it's January 2016 support cut off. That means no telemetry updates or CPU blocking...
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    Remove ALL telemetry updates from Windows 7 & 8 and 8.1

    I hope it's OK to ask this question, but it seems to be a relevant thread, despite it's over a year ago. I run Windows 8 (yes the original), and I kept it updated by using updates from Server 2012, which are codebase identical. I was of the belief that Windows 8 was free of the telemetry and...