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    Comp slow

    Yes that is probably part of the problem. You probably need 4GB min 8 would be better. Joe
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    This may sound dumb I had a similar problem. I figured out Firefox was corrupting the video driver.I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled the video driver and that solved the problem. Joe
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    Schannel Errors

    Something else I just thought of. 2 days before I updated Windows I switched internet provider from Roadrunner to Spectrum. I don't know if that plays a part or not. I didn't check the error log until after the Windows updates. Joe
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    Schannel Errors

    They only show in the event log. Thanks Joe
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    Schannel Errors

    Since doing the Jan rollup in Windows 7 I am getting 2 Schannel errors 40 and 70 on startup. Everything seems to be working OK. Is this just some timeout issue or something important? Thanks Joe
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    Please help fix boot failure due to driver issue WITHOUT Repair Install

    Windows 7 also has Startup Repair in it. Joe
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    Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition 1.245.1059.0)

    I just found this article Microsoft admits it disables anti-virus software in response to Kaspersky's EU complaint
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    Why does windows 7 take forever to shut down

    Do you have any automatic backup software running? I ran into this with a WD external drive and their Smartware program. It runs silently in the background and slows shutdown until it finishes the file it's coping. joe
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    install older application

    Software compatibility is one reason business is so slow to move to a new OS. Many have exotic software that doesn't get updated to new a OS. That was also a factor in business hanging on to XP for so long. Joe
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    This is getting weird!

    Mike did you install any freeware ? Sometimes it gets slipped in there and you miss it. Joe
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    CCleaner Registry Fix

    You can also save the registry items it removes in case you need to reinstall them. Joe
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    Shortcut Arrows

    Well I started using this on vista and it still works on Windows 10 FxVisor (64 bit) 2.0 for Windows See if that is what you want. Joe
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    Insider Preview Windows 10 Insider Preview

    It finally showed up it took long enough! I thought I had a problem with windows Update! Joe
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    Insider Preview Windows 10 Insider Preview

    I don't see Build 14986 showing up yet. I'm still at 14965 and I am set on fast ring. The last installed update was 11/13 when I updated to 14965. WEindows defender is updating OK Joe
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    W7 disk full

    Check the settings for Restore Points they can eat a lot of space too. You may need to reduce that setting. Joe