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    Best backup software

    Drew, I does the internal backup software have the ability to do incremental/differential backups without taking a lot of time? As stated above I have used Sync Toy II on XP and was very disappointed in the results. Sorry for asking what may seem to be a dumb question, but no one I know is...
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    Best backup software

    I have an interesting situation that I need some help with. A friend of mine who lives in Alaska has a Vista system with a 320g hd and also has two 160g hd's from his old system. I suggested that he install one of the 160's inside his new machine and get an USB or Esata external case for the...
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    Internet Explorer Default Window Size

    Have you tried setting the size to maximized in the start menu?
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    XP 32 to 7 64 Hangs at "finalizing"

    Yes, there is however, I am thinking about my three neighbors across the street that can only turn a machine on and use the GUI to get on the internet and retrieve their mail. They have a real hard time using Win Explorer. If they ever have to reload their machines, they can easily do it with...
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    XP to Win7, DVD drive doesn't recognize the Win7DVD

    Probably a silly question but, are you sure the drive is a DVD and not a CD drive?
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    XP 32 to 7 64 Hangs at "finalizing"

    No, it does not create a bunch of duplicates. It is the only way it will work without hacking the registry. If you try to boot off the DVD the second time it will fail and tell you to run it from the operating system on the hard drive. It should be done immediately after doing the first...
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    Win7 Family Pack License Use

    You are correct, you still have all three left.
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    Upgrading 32 bit vista to 64 bit W7. Possible ?

    Actually when you run the "Second Pass" in step #3 above you must do this from the booted copy of Win 7 on the hard drive, i.e. "CUSTOM/CLEAN" install and then from the newly installed Win 7 on the hard drive, run "SETUP" on the DVD and select "UPGRADE". Once completed the activation key will...
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    Windows 7 64-bit license

    No, you can purchase the upgrade instead of the OEM version of Win 7 that contains both 32 and 64 bit disks. You already purchased at legitimate copy of Windows. The problem (minor) that you will have is you must do a "CLEAN" install of Win 7 - 64 bit at which time the key will not activate...
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    XP 32 to 7 64 Hangs at "finalizing"

    If and when you get the CLEAN install loaded correctly, the solution for the no activation is to boot to Win 7 on the hard drive and then run "SETUP" from the DVD and do an "UPGRADE". This usually takes about 20-45 minutes, once the upgrade is complete the activation key will be accepted.
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    I would suggest that you run the "powercfg -h off" from a cmd prompt. I have seen on occasion the command fail and since the command flashes so quickly when run from the start prompt you may not see it. If it completes you will just get a command prompt back, if it fails you will get an error...
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    Possible system problem

    W7 32 bit is 20,992 W7 64 bit is 27,136
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    Activation will not Work on dsik format clean install

    Just install W7 again as an "upgrade" it will take your key with no problems. You will have to run "Setup" from the booted W7 you are now running, not as a boot from CD/DVD.
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    Wireless Adapter

    I have a Netgear WN111 that works seamlessly with XP, Vista and Win 7 machines. The latest is with a Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop running 32 bit Win 7. You can only get them as a refurbished unit but, for less than $20.00 a piece they are a great buy. I have bought three of them and never had a...
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    Why does W 7 need 24 .pst files?

    Well, solved the problem... sort of. Removed all the pst files and uninstalled office, then reinstalled office again and did the import of the pst file and pointed the mailbox directory to a different location than the default. Now I have only one pst file on the machine and regained 9GB of...