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    Fastest Way to Take a Non Full Screen Capture

    ALT + Print Screen button also does the current Window only, instead of full screen like Print Screen does.
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    MP4 audio plays on phone but not PC

    It looks like the Audio within the MP4 file is in MP4A format, and will require a codec such as those included with K-Lite to play back within Windows Media Player. I'm not certain but I wonder if the HEVC playback codec in the Windows Store would also allow Media Player to play them, maybe...
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    MP4 audio plays on phone but not PC

    Perhaps what happened is your Phone received an update which changed the audio codec used in its MP4 files. Or perhaps your computer has an issue now with the installed codec's and its missing one that allowed it to play the files back. Some options to try: Install VLC Media Player and see...
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    Windows 10 build 9860 broke a good tablet platform

    Can you share how you fixed the issue so it might help others?
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    License key confusion

    Most OEM computers will detect the valid Windows 7/8 license embedded in the BIOS and use it and never ask for a key.
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    License key confusion

    If it never asked for a key it may have detected a valid Windows 7 or 8 license and used the free upgrade path Microsoft has still not disabled. You may not even have needed to buy a key.
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    How long should you keep an external HD?

    Some hard drives just refuse to die and will last a long time, be a shame to terminate them early. You could use SMART monitoring software like CrystakDiskInfo to get a report on the drives health.. however that does not always predict backups.
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    Malware, Ransomware and Bit-locker Security.

    The only problem with a Sandbox that lets you persist anything between sessions is that what if your infected with malware/cryptoware that does not immediately activate, and it activates months later? You choose to keep it, not knowing your infected until it hits :P
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    Need help moving windows boot and system files

    To be honest I wouldn't put Windows on an 85GB HDD... even if you install programs on a separate drive the program data they generate and other bits you cannot prevent from being installed to your C drive will add up, along with Windows Updates and before you know it you'll be full on space. A...
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    Windows task scheduler

    Just create a task, I would do it to trigger at logon. Then after task is created go into it's properties and tell it to repeat every 7 minutes indefinitely.
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    Malware, Ransomware and Bit-locker Security.

    Your best defense is either a detached from system backup, or a continious backup solution like Carbonite that is always backing up your data to the cloud with multiple revision backups. And of course decent Antivirus.
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    I'm wanting Windows 7 on SSD and Program Files on HDD

    When you install a program and it asks where to put the programs you want on the slower drive, just change the path to just that. For instance "D:\Program Files\Program Blah" Do be aware that most programs will still save some data on your C drive however, you really won't get away from them...
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    reset this pc isn't working

    I'm not certain 1903 is to blame for all of your issues. My suggestion is use the Microsoft Media Creation Tool to create a bootable USB stick to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows 10. Note that this option does not give you the option to retain your documents, it would be a complete fresh...
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    Port forwarding program

    Port Forwarding is almost always done better at the router level. For a program to automatically open a port on your router, your router not only needs to support UPnP but the feature has to also be enabled. UPnP while in practice can make setting up ports on your router to forward to software...
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    ntuser.ini nowhere to be found

    NTUSER.ini still exists even in Windows 10, however I'm not sure it actually contains valuable information anymore. I opened a few in notepad they are about 20 bytes and don't seem to really contain much of anything just a few bytes of binary. It used to be used to set different settings on...