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    Running a 14v laptop off a 12v power supply? Safe?

    Thanks! I'll try this and keep an eye on it. I'll monitor the temperature aswell. Thanks!
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    Running a 14v laptop off a 12v power supply? Safe?

    Hey! I have this laptop which is past it's sell by date and the screen is broken too. So, I decided to hook it up to the TV and use it as a desktop TV. Problem is, aswell as the screen being broken - the power cable is too. The laptop uses (according to the transformer brick) 14v. But, after...
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    Google Operating System to Run Windows Apps

    Google Chrome OS is not the first OS that can do this. Linux & Mac has been doing this for years. Google Chrome OS has no new technology to offer - cloud OSes are NOT the way forward.....
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    Website Software. What forums are you using?

    I've seen this forum software many times (Rigs Of Rods, this site and some more) and I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. Modified version of phpBB? VBulliten? What?
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    Internet Connection lost when Waking computer up

    When I put my PC to sleep and Wake it up again my Netgear WPN111 loses connection. On the superbar it says "Limited Connection". Sure, I can unplug the dongle and plug it back in, but that is hassle and a waste of precious gaming time :D. How do I resolve this?
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