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    Windows 7 Taskbar

    try Stardock ObjectDock
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    Windows 7... the Ultimate Solution

    lmao!! , u cant break everything u dont like..... more money than sense
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    Enlarging A Thumbnail

    i BELIEVE Photoshop can
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    Freeze after login - every second time

    a couple things you can try when turning on ure pc keep pressing F8, select safe mode, once the Pc has booted up, go to start, and type in the box msconfig > go to the tab that says start up, untick any programs that start up that are not need for example. java updater, just have basic things...
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    Windows Media Player not responding?

    you can also try this fix from microsoft Fix Windows Media Player video, and other media or library issues
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    Windows Media Player not responding?

    download VLC player, its alot better than windows media player, has more functions too and supports more codecs.
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    Delayed Logon Screen

    surely the point is though, regardless whether u need the startup for ure headset or not. the point is to determine what is causing this. im not saying dont re enable them, disable them all, try a boot, then enable one function, if it boots well then enable another. if it doesnt boot when u have...
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    Delayed Logon Screen

    you can untick all of the options within the msconfig under the tab "startup" just make sure u have ure AV loaded :) and then see if windows boots :), windows will select any optoins anyway that it needs,
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    speech recognition dictionary

    there are some speech recognition paragraphs you can read within the software itself to improve the accuracy of how u pronounce words and how this picks them up. Id say do this if you want to improve all the words. Its pretty pointless saying one word over and over as you might as well improve...
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    Delayed Logon Screen

    yes please
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    Delayed Logon Screen

    when booting up, keep pressing F8, select resolution 640 x 480 and see if the screen comes on a lower resolution, alternatively, try the above steps but select safe mode as the alternative,
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    how can i mirror 2 hard drives in windows 7 home premium

    what you mean by mirror, u mean cloning??
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    2 different BSODS

    oh my days! really??!?! lol... are u sure its the mouse and NOT the usb port that was in use?... if i was you id try putting another usb device i.e a keyboard or something in the same port to make sure its not a dodgy USB
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    2 different BSODS

    ure well within ure right to have an exchange within 28 days OR IF they are being funny with u quote the sales of goods act which and state "that the product is not fit for purpose" to which they SHOUD offer u a repair / exchange, ( if ure in the uk )