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    Triple Monitor Windows 7 Pro

    The site you indicated asks for Username /Pw.... Just FYI... there are a lot of sites out th3re that are free.
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    cannot access router setup at

    Certificate and everything else will come later. To put this into terms you may Understand... is your Public Address, and the 192.168.x.xx is your internal address. one cannot talk to the other unless you make a routing table modification, which is out of the scope of this forum...
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    Windows 10 WiFi connectivity issues

    This is real funny... The Router is "Locked" in the apartment upstairs... So you are trying to leech bandwidth from someone else s Router...? How did you reset the router if you do not have access to it... Come on Mrs TeePot... do you really expect us to help you break into someone's...
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    Wi-Fi Keeps Trying to Switch Between Connections

    It is an issue with the driver for the Wifi card for the Dell Insperion series. I had the same issue with my dell, tried everything, but still kept on loosing connection or the speed would drop to 1 MBps. Was very frustrating. So try uninstalling and reinstalling the Wifi drivers. Dell uses 2-3...
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    Putting external hard drives on a server

    How to join Homegroup from Windows 10 and share files and printers Windows 10 supports Homegroup functionality and you can use it to share files between Windows 10 and other supported versions like 7 and 8. So you do not have to go the NAS route if you do not have the spare cash for it. How to...
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    How I can change use of Network by process?

    There is a way if you can talk to your service provider. They have the capability to restrict Up & Dn speeds from the Modem. You would not need anything else to work this. Try this.
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    IP Camera program

    This is funny, MVP's are trying to help a hacker figure out how to access a remote camera.