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    Assassins Creed Valhalla

    I got the game free with the last AMD CPU I'd purchased. Normally I don't really go for the Creed series but so far this game has shown real promise.
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    System file checker

    I'm not sure if anyone is actually reading the thread but the op has had his issue resolved.
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    Bitcoin - anyone here do this?

    Depends on what your buying.. ;)
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    BSOD Memory Corruption

    Thanks for the update.. :)
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    Graphic Drivers

    AMD has released the Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.11.2.
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    Uninstaller set up failed to initialize

    Hi, do you see any associated crash messages/code? Can you post your system set up please.
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    CORSAIR iCUE updated to v3.35.152
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    Forum on XF 2.2 Beta

    Got this pm from Jimbo:
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    Bitcoin - anyone here do this?

    This forum may be of some help? Crypto Currency & Mining
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    Kmode exception not handled - BSOD

    Excellent news, many thanks for updating your thread.
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    BSOD Memory Corruption

    Hi, yeah it's still blaming the game. Does this only happen with Apex Legends? Did you update your drivers?
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    BSOD Memory Corruption

    Hi, the dump file is blaming Apex legends. I did a little searching and see if these tips help: Apex Legends r5apex error fix — tech - how If the above fails to help please post back listing your system specification.
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    BlueScreen BCCODE: 1a

    Hi, I moved your thread to the correct section. Bugcheck code 1a can indicate a RAM issue even if new. Have you fitted any new RAM? If you read the thread sticky you'll see what info we need to see as well as an app you can use. How to ask for help with a BSOD problem
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    Maxon release Cinebench 23: