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    Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla has released Version 66.0.1 of the Firefox browser.
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    Graphic Drivers

    Intel HD graphics Driver updated to Version: DCH
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    *HELP* Unexpected BSOD while rendering video and doing the usual on chrome

    Many thanks for the update DD. Your post/thread will never close so please pop back if need be.. :) All the best!
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    German Wikipedia sites are off for 24 hours

    Hi Nico, those copyright laws are a pain and the reason why I cannot read certain articles from the US (mainly newspaper reports). So I applaud the German wiki action although whether it will improve things remains to be seen..
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    Google Chrome

    Google has released Version 73.0.3683.86 of the Chrome browser.
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    Graphic Drivers

    Nvidia has released the 419.67 WHQL certified graphics driver. CRD drivers are a new class of driver, alongside WHQL and Beta releases, that specifically improve performance and stability in creative applications such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Cinema 4D. Select Creator...
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    Share your Windows 10 desktop

    It won't run Metro Exodus so back to 1809 for moi, oh and here's my new desktop:
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    Graphic Drivers

    AMD has released the Adrenalin Edition 19.3.3 driver
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    News of a new patch has been aired on the Anthem livestream (which for some reason ran an hour early) Patch will hit some time next week, no specific date yet. Patch notes may hit the same day before. Vanity Chests * Earn one key per day from a designated daily contract. * Vanity...
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    Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla has released Version 66.0 of the Firefox browser.
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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology Update

    Intel has released Version of the Rapid Storage Technology driver
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    Share your Windows 10 desktop

    Build 1903
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    Anthem Javelin. In the screenshot below a curved bar can be seen below the flying Javelin, this denotes your thruster temperature and care must be taken not to overheat your engines.
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    The Opera browser has been updated to Version 58.0.3135.107.
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    GPU-Z update

    GPU-Z, a free graphics card information utility, has reached Version 2.18.0.
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