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    Windows 11 Disable new context menu, Explorer command bar

    I found this on Reddit very handy as I do not like the new right click menus. The new explorer menu is not too bad but I disabled anyway. No 3rd-party apps or patches or whatever, just a simple registry value. Run the commands in your preferred command line restart explorer shell to take...
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    Account is admin but not full admin?

    I am really stumped on this one. I have a Windows 10 PC with 3 user accounts all of which are admins. One of the admin accounts is the user 500 the one windows makes during install. Everywhere in the operating system command prompt, settings, Computer Management, netplwiz and so forth the user...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 Is Massive!

    So the big Cyberpunk 2077 1.2 patch has dropped. Has anyone ever seen patch notes this long before? I can not remember a game with this many fixes and changes done. Just goes to show the game should have been pushed back. Cyberpunk 2077 1.2 Patch Notes
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    Adobe Flash blocked

    I am surprised at how many sites still have content that requires flash with EOL coming you would think that they would update the pages.
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    Fans not working

    Seeing as you are out of warranty you could try buying a replacement fan and installing it yourself. Though the fans might be just fine it could be a power issue.
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    More than Just Simple Not Genuine OS Issues?

    Have you run the Windows Genuine Diagnostic Tool? Here is link Also try running the windows system file checker you would be surprised how many things this will fix...
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    Get rid of settings and allow only control panel?

    You could always make a god mode shortcut on the desktop. Enable 'God Mode' in Windows 10 Though I believe there is some issues with creating this shortcut on the latest build of Windows 10 have not tested it yet though.
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    PC Building Simulator

    This is pretty cool and a nice find Kemical. Would be a great way to teach someone how to build a system.
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    Just keep swimming:)

    Just keep swimming:)
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    Connection Status Utility?

    I think I found a freeware program that might work for you. I tried it out in 10 and it seems to be working fine and has a ton of customization options. NetWorx : bandwidth monitor, connection speed test & traffic usage log Also I unchecked the filtering program at install I just left the task...
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    Connection Status Utility?

    I do not believe this functionality is built into Windows 10 or even 7 It might have been a program installed by the manufacturer of your computer. But I could be wrong. There are ways of monitoring your internet usage in 10 just not on the task bar see the following website. How to Monitor Your...
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    Black Screen of Death - please help!

    Greetings MarshalWolff welcome to the forum! Have you tried all the troubleshooting steps listed at the below website?
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    Thanks and yes all is well:)

    Thanks and yes all is well:)
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    Ninite 2016-06-20

    Probably the best batch installer out there great after you do a new build or upgrade. The following was taken from there website. Ninite will start working as soon as you run it not bother you with any choices or options install apps in their default location say no to toolbars or extra junk...
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    What exactly does a product key license?

    To organize and explain it a little better. 1. If it is a store bought (OEM PC). If for some reason you need to reinstall Windows. As long as none of the major components inside have been changed (Motherboard, Hardrive or SSD and CPU) you can just use the license key on the back of the system...