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    Windows 7 Apple @ WWDC keynote: Windows 7 is Just another version of Vista

    ...and Snow Leopard is just another version of Leopard, your point?
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    which browser on win7 x64?

    I use Chrome and Safari. I removed IE8 as it's a PoS, and I'm sick of Firefox crashing. I've tried 64-Bit FF and Minefield, and think they both suck.
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    what would be the best graphics card for my machine?

    If you'll give us a list of sites you will buy from, or the sites that have stores close to you, we'll better be able to help you. Also, we need to know what kind of graphics slot you have, whether it's PCI, AGP, or PCI-e. To check this, use the following program: GPU-Z Video card GPU...
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    Windows 7 W7 7201 to leak today

    Already a thread like this. Please refrain from making new threads on topics already covered. -CLOSED-
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    Windows 7 download the latest release : Windows 7 Pre rtm Build 7201 x86 x64

    I should point out that we already have a thread like this, so -CLOSED-
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    Windows 7 Release Questions

    No, there will NOT be another public release, period. If you're doing this legit, the next time you'll see Windows 7 is on its October 22nd launch date if you choose to buy it.
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    Windows 7 download the latest release : Windows 7 Pre rtm Build 7201 x86 x64

    ... torrents aren't legal if they contain illegal files, bruh. PS: No reason to install this build, or anything after 7100 IMO. Waste of time since it's all minor bugfixes and ZERO new features. A big waste of 3 GB of bandwidth.
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 Release Date.

    I'm also hearing rumors of RTM in late July, not August as previously stated. That means I get Windows 7 three months ahead of schedule. =D
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    UNINSTALL but can't FIXMBR for XP

    Boot the XP CD. Wait until you're asked to press "R" at the screen which you choose to install windows at. Type the following commands into the command prompt - fixboot - fixmbr then, type exit. reboot, and see if it works.
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    Windows Live

    Well, to answer your question, no, you're not the only one to notice. There's no real answer to this yet, but I suppose it's to accommodate users who don't HAVE silverlight. I have, however, heard that they're experimenting with a new interface using silverlight, so you may soon get a choice.
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 7200 about to be released ?

    The heck with the RTM? RTM is the same thing that will be released on the 22nd of Oct, only if you get an illegal copy, youl could have it in August, when Windows 7 goes "gold". As for RC2, there won't be one. This has been stated many times. The builds post 7100 are in the RTM or SP branch...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 7200 about to be released ?

    ^^ That could be legit as well. I never said it wasn't possible to install a service pack on an OS lower than Build 7200, however slipstreaming WITHIN MS didn't occur until the fork at that build number. If you got hold of a SP1 standalone, its possible you could install it on 6801, even.
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    XP vs Vista vs 7: Resources + More

    Going to address some issues. I abandoned this project a while ago, as I realized that there's no real way to test certain things in a VM, and things that ran one way in a previous OS may not run the same in a new one, so technically OS benchmarking is unfair, even if raw numbers are used and...
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    Official Minimum Specs Thread

    I believe it's a 128 MB or better DX9 compatible graphics card. I've heard of some cases in which a 64 MB card worked, however its unconfirmed as I don't have one to try.
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 7200 about to be released ?

    Just a note, Windows 7 RTM branch was forked at 7200, not before. Previous "SP1" build numbers were not as they seem, as it was not an official SP1 build, instead it was a pre-alpha service pack installed on the OS, not a slipstreamed copy. Just thought I'd clear that up. Also, to throw my two...