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    Can't install Windows 7 to SSD anymore in IDE or AHCI

    No, you shouldnt have to reinstall, but it will reset all your BIOS options. Please backup to be safe though. Any overclock settings you may have will need to be reset etc. However I didnt read your post properly and that you have it working in IDE so Im not sure it will help. It cant hurt to...
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    Can't install Windows 7 to SSD anymore in IDE or AHCI

    You may need to clear your CMOS. Ive lost my OCZ Vertex a couple of times and that fixed it. You will need to check your motherboard manual if you dont know how to do this. It easy as though. While you were in disk management, after you formated the drive, did you make it active? There is an...
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    "upgrading" from un-activated 7 Ultimate to legitimate 7 Home Premium

    Sure it can be done with a small amount of playing around with your registry. Link Removed - Not Found is a good guide. You will need that legit key you have to activate it again. There are also guides on this forum for doing clean installs from upgrade media that might help you. Also this post...
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    Trying to go from 4gigs of ram to 6 and windows 7 is like - oh no you don't

    Well if Windows hangs with all the slots populated, Im gonna say that you probably need more voltage to your memory or northbridge. If you havent overclocked before you will need to do some research on your motherboard and RAM, usually it will tell you safe voltages the RAM can run on the box...
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    New Features and Changes

    New theme is spot on. Way easier to look at than the last. I like it.
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    Trying to go from 4gigs of ram to 6 and windows 7 is like - oh no you don't

    Hi, Just to be sure you brought the same RAM as in your system, or more importantly, RAM that runs at the same speed? You may have a bad stick. Take the new sticks out and burn this to a CD and boot to it. It will tell you if you have problems with your RAM. Let it run 2 or 3 cycles with the new...
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    How do you make Windows 7 partition bootable

    If you have a Windows 7 install handy boot to that, choose repair and it should find the problem and fix it up.
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    Duel Monitor problem

    Looks to me like a resolution or refresh rate problem. What card are the monitors plugged into and with what plug? Have you looked through all the settings in your graphics card drivers? Is the second monitor a tv by chance?
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    Help moving from the rc to retail version of win 7 x64, without losing setup...

    Sounds tricky to me and Im not sure you can. Someone else maybe be able to help you more with what you've outlined, but you know you can upgrade from the RC to the RTM easily enough by editing cversion.ini file found in the sources folder in the iso. Just change MinClient=7233.0 to...
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    Windows 7 freezes at installation (Please help emergency)

    Out of interest, how long did it freeze for? Ive seen it sit in the same spot for well over an hour before and it eventually got going again. But if your sure patients is not the issue, Id say you have some hardware thats playing up. A full list of your specs might help.
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    Ultimate to Pro

    Hi there, there is a small file in Windows iso's or DVD's which determine what version of 7 you are going to install, however all are capable of installing any version. To install the version you want so your key will work, is as easy as removing this file, allowing you to choose, or by editing...
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    Trouble with video card

    Hi and welcome, All worked fine in Vista/XP before hand or is this a new system? So you installed with the 4870 all fine but couldnt boot with it? Maybe a resolution problem? Is the Geforce 6800 a PCIe card?
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    iPOD cannot be read as Removable Storage Device

    Heres what I use SharePod
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    Ha! Thats what I though as soon as I read that. They are out there though cybercore.
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    iPOD cannot be read as Removable Storage Device

    I got this from the Apple support page, give it a shot if you havent already. Select "Enable disk use" or "Manually manage music and videos." Either one will allow you to use iPod as a drive. If you select "Manually manage music and videos," iTunes won't automatically update iPod with the...