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    Windows 10 July 29th... Back up your system

    I do backup on my computers weekly. But I receive emails from different forums stating the best thing to do is use a program like Acronis. Others state after a backup, format the drive and start again. I'm going to take my chance with the backups I have. If worse comes to worse, I should be able...
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    Can't access some secure sites Win7/IE9

    On your first 3 comments, I have to say no. But on Java or flash I don't know.
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    Can't access some secure sites Win7/IE9

    I use Win 7 and IE9. In the past two weeks, all of a sudden I can't log in to one financial site, and on another financial site, I can log in, but have difficulty getting to my account. I've spoken to the sites' tech people and all is ok on their end. I've run virus scans, both in safe and...
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    When to Switch from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail?

    WLM didn't import all email As others have posted, I too installed Windows Live Mail before installing Win 7. Windows Mail had everything the same as Outlook Express, folders, contacts, etc. I copied all the folders in Win Mail to a CD before upgrading to Windows Live Mail. Live Mail...