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  • You should have received a copy of my e-mail to MS regarding the Apple app publication. Hopefully they can help. Trying to reach a person at Apple seems to be a major problem unless you are a customer/end-user. Thanks for your comments regarding the app.
    Thanks for your thanks, but it's really not a big deal. I thought about sending more, but then I decided I'll try to make it a monthly habit, or something. I like to support what I like. And since I'm not the brightest in technical issues, this may be a way for me to contribute more.

    Cheerio, Pauli.
    If you guys had your GF team back I would have had one of those guys make me up one for here. But since they all left on a sour note... I'm left using this one. Don't feel bad....I use it on all the "FORUMS". IF it's a problem I'll gladly remove it.
    Mitch, check out the search panel top right: AMD Support & Drivers I can certainly include this link when posting.
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