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    Anything do with my laptop
  2. Laptop Screen locked

    Laptop Screen locked

    My screen i cant get past
  3. Screen were stuck

    Screen were stuck

    Were im stuck
  4. Defo my Hint

    Defo my Hint

    My account its defo my THE HINT i cant reset it
  5. Befor i locked myself

    Befor i locked myself

  6. Details of my dell

    Details of my dell

  7. Showed up on my find my fone

    Showed up on my find my fone

  8. Info on dell

    Info on dell

  9. Cmd.Ex


  10. Do these work

    Do these work

    Windows 7 these are on amazon/ebay But do they work
  11. Its re install disk i need

    Its re install disk i need

    2nd Dell no reinstall disk
  12. Im STUCK

    Im STUCK

  13. M

    How to install an UEFI-based ISO (bootable with DVD) on an USB flash?

    im not sure if i get usb and flash drive ? I found my old fone i didt no how or why thats on
  14. M

    change serial number!

    Are you saying theres a embedded login dell wind 7 32 bit ( sorry bout that
  15. M

    Im stuck im not very technical im a new user i locked my self in as admin but not sure email i used

    Any1 understand this Iv logged on using guest account iv added a new name and this is wot came up dont no if or how to reply (im trying add a new user) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk