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    bootmgr missing

    try giving this a read - Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
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    Cannot access NAS

    have any of you tested this issue with one of the later builds? like 7068?
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    Windows 7 x64 (7057) Bad Pool Header

    ram check first - grab a copy of memtest 86+ make a boot floppy disk and copy over the memtest executable to it restart the machine, load memtest and go have a loooong lunch. then drivers - also as soon as win7 is connected to the net it searches for updated drivers for pretty much everything...
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    Big registry problem !!!!!

    unless the person who uploaded it had the exact same system configuration as you, and even then i dont think it would work. take it on the chin, backup anything you want to keep and start over. theres a post on these forums about programs you shouldnt use, i suggest you find it and add your...
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    Win7 crashes when installing AVG 8.5

    ive done both an upgrade from 8.0 to 8.5 and fresh installs with the latest 8.5 executable, no problems on my systems.
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    Windows 7 won't boot!

    id also suggest testing the iso you have downloaded in a virtual environment like vmware so you know it works before you begin and also get an idea of what behaviour to expect when you do a proper install.
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    External esata HDD not recognized

    does the drive spin up when you plug it into the usb port? anything listed in disk management?
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    Over 1000+ pr0cesses!!

    well i currently have 51 processes, i think its time you downloaded free.avg and spybot search and destroy (from safer-networking). you definitely shouldnt have that many running at once, have you considered just starting again, and making sure you get anti virus installed quickly?
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    disappearing taskbar icons

    try loading the task manager using ctrl-alt-del and see if when its working you can see the icons and the normal desktop. hate to say it but might be worth backing up and prepping for a reinstall..
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    disappearing taskbar icons

    try logging off and on again, this happens to me every now and then for no apparent reason. the silly part is - when your logging off the desktop background is shown. also have you adjusted your uac settings at all? try putting it to the default 3/4 setting.
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    Constant Disk Activity

    load up task manager, on the performance tab, load resource monitor, then check the disk tab and see which processes are making the most read writes.. im thinking its your antivirus program..
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    BSOD trying to install 7022

    what error code does the bsod show?
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    Cannot access NAS

    on one of your other machines, right click a folder on the nas and select properties, select the security tab and see what permissions are set on the folder, (you might need to connect it directly to your machine for this) try and add an entry for the user 'everyone' with everything ticked...
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    Installation Problem

    are you running the installer from the iso or from a dvd when your installing it on vmware? try running it directly from the iso by altering the path for the cd in settings.
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    Installation Problem

    try burning a new disk slowly (like 4x speed)