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    After every restart, windows open maximized and "restore" to small size in upper-left corner.

    Yeah, I've tried that many a time. It always seems to get reset after a restart.
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    After every restart, windows open maximized and "restore" to small size in upper-left corner.

    I'm used to W7 remembering the last known positions of all of my open windows, but lately (and I can't recall what change may have prompted this) every window opens in a maximized state, and upon restoring it, always sizes down to the default window size, jammed right into the upper-left corner...
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    Fonts Keep Disappearing

    That's what I had to do as well. In both cases actually. Since then I don't think I've used either of the font managers because it keeps happening. I just installed a couple of fonts for a project that I was working on in Photoshop and left it at that.
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    Windows Media Player 12 Says 'Not Responding' Immediately After Opening.

    Yes, I am able to play mp3 files as well as the video files that I have in the library right now. I will give your suggestion a shot though and see what happens. What do you mean by start "orb" though?
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    Windows Media Player 12 Says 'Not Responding' Immediately After Opening.

    As the title suggests yesterday WMP12 started acting very weird and is practically unusable. I'll state from the beginning that the problem seems to have arisen while I was trying to simultaneously convert an MKV in MKV2VOB to play on the PS3, convert an MKV to ISO, and backup a DVD all while...
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    Search Operators for Windows 7?

    When searching in Windows Explorer I've noticed that it gives you "date modified" and "size" as two search filters that you can click and add to the search box. Besides those two I was able to use a semi-colon to separate the "date modified," for instance, and at in *.extension. I've even added...
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    Fonts Keep Disappearing

    I've installed a font manager called "Main Type," (prior to this is was "Extensis Suitcase") and for some reason when I load the fonts up and/or install them, when I go back to the fonts folder it only lists about 10 fonts total. I go from the initial number of system fonts (about 248), to about...
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    Share Specific Files to Network Device But Not to Homegroup?

    I have a Homegroup configured on my Windows 7 install and I've got music, movies and images that I share across the different computers in my house and the other user accounts on the PC. I've got MKV files (soccer matches mostly) that I've converted to be played on the PS3 and I'm wondering if...
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    "The last backup did not complete successfully."

    I get the message "the last backup did not complete successfully" accompanied by an error code of 0x81000031. The first time this happened I thought it was simply because I didn't do a clean install. I do the clean install and the backups happen every day at 4 in the morning like clockwork. I...
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    Windows Search Not Working in Specific Folder

    My problem is a bit weird and to be honest I'm finding it hard to determine what, if any, program could have caused this problem. Basically up until two days ago I was able to, in the top right search bar, begin to search for specific musical artist folders in one my music directories and it...
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