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    Windows 11 Full Context Menu tweak not working for All Users (HKU/Default), works fine for HKCU

    \Classes\.. is actually a second hive file called Userclass.dat you'll likely need to edit that file in the default profile
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    Unable to delete app from context menu.

    Context menu items can be under HKLM and HCU registry hives and under * and the file type class, so that's 4 places to look at in the registry
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    Unable to Rename File or Folder on Network Server

    There is no difference between create and rename as far as permissions. I would check permissions on the files regardless. It's possible some technology is accessing the file. If there is an open handle that would prevent the rename. Since this is a company device I would consult your IT team
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    The SD card does not work in Windows 11.

    Often people will remove SD cards and other external storage without ejecting them. Windows uses a lazy writing model for data transfer. What that means is even if Windows states a file operation is complete it may in fact not be done. This will cause file corrupt when the media is removed...
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    How to mitigate DCE/RPC and MSRPC Services Enumeration Reporting

    I don't disagree. Phishing will continue to be one of the top attack vectors. Good defense in depth will help reduce the risk and success of phishing though
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    How to mitigate DCE/RPC and MSRPC Services Enumeration Reporting

    Well yes, nothing is 100% secure and RPC can be attacked, but you would have to have a foothold in the network to do much damage, and if an attacker has a foothold in your network you clearly have bigger concerns. Trying to remediate every finding on every system is both unrealistic and...
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    MS Defender Offline Scan

    Microsoft purposefully provides as little detail as possible to the end user. If action is needed such as removal of malware or a PUA that will be apparent and easily understood with clear, albeit simple, action (click a button) to remediate said findings. No news is good news in the Windows...
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    Delete write protection From USB file

    A file could be unremovable for a number of reasons. A process has a file opened with exclusive access You don't have proper access to the file The USB drive has a physical 'read-only' switch The USB is mounted as 'read-only' For the first item, you can use a tool such as procexp to locate...
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    How to delete Mcafee Vaults folder

    Have not messed with vaults, but in most cases yes you can take ownership of anything in Windows, provided you are a member of the administrators group and then grant yourself access and subsequently delete files/directories.
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    HPE DL360 G10 - additional physical CPU installation and Hyper-V

    It should just detect the change on it's own
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    How to connect powershell or CMD with proxy credentials?

    In PowerShell you can add this to your ps profile so it's set everything PowerShell runs. [System.Net.WebRequest]::DefaultWebProxy = [System.Net.WebRequest]::GetSystemWebProxy() [System.Net.WebRequest]::DefaultWebProxy.Credentials = [System.Net.CredentialCache]::DefaultNetworkCredentials This...
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    Windows 10 Home Edition 64bit

    Only causes issues for group policy, which if it's not a business environment you will be fine
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    How to create image/clone of entire windows 10 to a .iso file, that can be uploaded on virtualbox?

    Download disk2vhd. This will create either a vhd or vhdx file. Then just create a new VM and at the disk selection screen just select existing disk and select the vhd(x) file
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    Windows 11 PC unsuitable for Windows 11

    You can download the tool here and run it to see if the PC is compatible. How to check if your device meets Windows 11 system requirements after changing device hardware Windows 11 has strict hardware requirements
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    Microsoft Office Plus 2019 Key

    Through your reseller or you can try magic jellybean tool.