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    where can i find an windows 7 64bit professional iso without service pack 1

    Windows 7 with SP1 is getting sparse to locate let alone non SP1 which is over 12 years old. Searching the net is going to be your beset bet.
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    Transfer large amount of files

    I would just shift to a backup solution. Even Onedrive, Google Drive or any of the big name offerings will automatically just sync the changed files.
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    Can't reach main c:drive

    If it won't initialize in Windows or stay initialized I would suspect there is a physical problem with the disk. You can search "hard drive DFT software" and download any number of them to test the disk.
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    Can't reach main c:drive

    When a disk is not initialized there is no partition table, so there is no risk of any data loss.
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    boot manager not where it should be.

    The Windows installer isn't the brightest regarding installing things that would make sense to a person. The simplest method would be backup data, disconnect all drives but the intended one for the operating system and reinstall. The harder approach and much more technical (and there is risk in...
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    Tips & Tricks for better performance of Windows 11

    RAM is cheap and it will provide noticable improvements vs any setting tweak
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    remove windows 11 protection history entries

    There is no real need to do so, but the process should be the same as Windows 10 if you wish to remove them. (Manual process)
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    What does this blue box mean?

    I believe the user is referring specifically to this That appears to be related to Norton Backup, so yes it's normal assuming you are using Norton to backup your files.
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    Can't reach main c:drive

    Well to be clear the C letter is assigned to Disk 1 (second disk), third partition and that is what you are currently booting to. You can't initialize a active disk/partition. Are you trying to initialize Disk 0?
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    Slow Start up

    Make sure all the drivers are up-to-date Update Firmware (BIOS/UEFI) Run sfc /scannow run chkdsk /r
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    Windows 10 How do I add an .EXE project to a solution of DLL's?

    Exes are packed binaries that have methods that can't be referenced in other projects. DLLs are just libraries to be used by other projects. If you have the dll source you could certainly incorporate that code into a separate exe project.
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    Windows 10 Random Signouts? (Task Scheduler)

    Make sure to open task scheduler "run as administrator". If you don't not all tasks will be visible.
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    Windows 10 Random Signouts? (Task Scheduler)

    If you know what you did than simply remove or disable the task.
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    Gmail Problem

    Try removing and re-adding the account.
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    Gmail Problem

    Ok that is not a browser. That would be a mail client.