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    Windows 7 Gadgets not working (Screen caps)

    OK, i think there is ini file problem your can try this. Navigate to C:\Users\(Your user name)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar Copy the Settings.ini to another location so if this doesn't work, you can copy it back. Now delete the .ini file. reboot and see if that helps. i hope your...
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    Windows 7 Gadgets not working (Screen caps)

    check UAC generally windows 7 gadgets not working becouse of when UAC is disable read this link for better information about this problem.
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    i want to take backup my C & D drive with batch file ??????

    To create a batch file, you need to follow certain steps. Click 'Start' menu, go to 'All Programs', move to 'Accessories' and select 'Notepad' from there. Enter the commands in the notepad for making batch file. Then, save it with an extension cmd or bat for example:-filename.cmd. Suppose, you...
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    Windows Boot Loader Doesn't Work

    you can try boot camp utility for fix this issue
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    Which Windows Do You Use?

    i used windows 7 it can be used as easy to understand score to compare other windows...
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    Video dvd not playing

    The solution to the problem 1. Follow the instructions to troubleshoot DVD playback in Windows Media Player for Windows XP: Verify that a compliant decoder is installed: In Windows Media Player, on the ‘Tools’ menu, click on ‘Options’ to see if the DVD tab is available. If a compatible decoder...
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    Windws Update Error

    Follow the steps below to troubleshoot error, “0×80070005 Access is denied” while accessing recent file on a Sharepoint location in Windows 7: 1 Click ‘Start’ and then click ‘Run’. 2 Type “regedit.exe” and press ‘Enter’. 3 Navigate and double click the following registry entry: 4...
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    Useful tip on "open with" trap and how to fix it

    It is really a nice and useful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.
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    How can I make my mouse go faster ?

    Go to the Control Panel there is option to adjustments for mouse pointer speed... Try Click Control Panel - Mouse - Pointer Option - Set Mouse Pointer Speed...
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    Resetting Windows Password

    thanks for the help! ,much appreciated :D
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    How would you rate Windows 7

    I will rate Windows 7 50/50 it was better to other operating system...
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    How to create or setup an email account in Outlook using POP3

    thanks for the help! ,much appreciated :D
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    windows 7 theme

    hi, anyone help me how to get and install mac-style desktop Mac-style dock theme in my computer...
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    How to Enable NAT in Windows 7

    Is it safe to enable/disable the NAT funcionality on my router? And are there any secondary issues if I turn off my NAT?