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    Windows 7 So What Are You Playing Right Now?

    When my internet don't work, I play "Fresh Minder 2 & 3". These programs are for brain training, e.g. math, logical thinking. Unfortunately these programs are in German, except the title^^
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    Your avatar remembers me on my own childhood, Snoopy :)

    Your avatar remembers me on my own childhood, Snoopy :)
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    Teamviewer on Windows98

    Hello, which target group do Windows 98 still use? It was "in" in the end of 90s, I often read it in computer offers and watched some reports on television which worked with that OS.
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    How would you rate Windows 7

    It was a good choice to install it. I had no "blue screens" and designed my desktop colorful to use it, everything ran to my fullest satisfaction. But I'm open-minded and curious on Win10 in the near or far future :-)
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    Boot problems with SP3

    It seems they set the activation server for xp offline, because xp won't be supported anymore. So I think the same could happen to Win 7 activation server in the near future. So act according to the slogan "never change a running system" ^^
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    Windows 7 Favorite pc games?

    My favourite pc games are dosgames, e.g. tetris or wordgames. I like playing old games remembering the 90s. Would like to know who else play dosgames? :)
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    German Wikipedia sites are off for 24 hours

    Hello, I just wanted to read something about the film "maze runner", I recognized German Wikipedia sites are down for 24 hours because of some European copyright laws. I realized I also speak and read English and switched to the English sites. What do you think about that "action" to turn...
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    XP support ends today

    Xp was a great OS for its time. I liked the colorful environment. I still used xp, if some applications would run there. I tried to find alternatives for running on xp, but I didn't find. So I've to say goodbye to xp :worry: but unfortunately everything has its time ;)
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    Windows 7 Microsoft mainstream support has ended

    that's what I wrote, the user is generally the weak point in security :) I already read it in Win10 security here, what malware can do. But you are right, even those attacks can hide in ads on unknown pages or sex sites, e.g.
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    Windows 7 Microsoft mainstream support has ended

    the most "security risk"or "hole" is the user in front of the pc :) if he or she opened unknown websites or mails, for instance ;) but thank you for warning me again^^
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    Windows 7 Microsoft mainstream support has ended

    it's interesting, a discussion in English and English is the foreign language for me. You should look for somebody else to scare him or her about malware ;) but thank you, you've been warned me :)
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    Windows 7 Microsoft mainstream support has ended

    Those "holes" don't care me. I'm not a vip (very important person), e.g. German chancellor, president or the head of a company. I'm just nothing in comparison to those people ^^
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    Windows 7 Microsoft mainstream support has ended

    I'm not afraid of ending mainstream or extended support. I'm online as "standard user", so worms and Trojans have no administrative rights to block my system or they'll need my permission smile ;) I feel a bit safer being online now than with Win98 (I remember there I was online with...
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    Sick of windows 10

    When I read this topic, I appreciate Windows 7. I think to upgrade to 10 next year or later and to use it with the xp skin. But it's better to stay and use the 7er version. Who else is unhappy with 10 and why? 🆒
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    Windows 7 Submit your desktop!

    and this is my desktop. I like it in that way in order to use Win7. Actually I'm a fan of the xp skin, but unfortunately some programs don't run on xp anymore^^ so what kind of user am I? :)