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    Bsod on windows 10 IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and another codes

    You know when a dvd ask for a world setting when ask to play it and a system gives You one or 3 options EVER to choose? With me? It not a solution I know. But its an example I thought, read my bio, im not expert I have little, average ability on the console.
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    Share your Windows 10 desktop

    deleted for privacy
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    Backspace Button broken?

    It might be a new suction cup under the button giving the delay.
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    Insider Preview Lost Features

    Movie Maker for Windows 10 Unsure if it is the original
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    Retrieve your Windows Product Key without extra software

    What if I have almost a complete sticker , but on a completely broken system , is it possible to gain the entire sticker somehow. And if so, is it possible to upgrade to WIN10 from Windows Media Centre. Thanks in advance.
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    Is this possible than turning on oven make a 1 second power outage in home? ( playing diablo 1 )

    If You use a program that helps choose a preference and set aside normal use it can cause problems
  7. T5 emitter emulation.jpg

    T5 emitter emulation.jpg

    Any technology to the Power of itself.
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    Opera with all and many wonderful things.
  9. ant space program fold pokebox.jpg

    ant space program fold pokebox.jpg

    A fun made 'Space program' for Insect Ants. Fold in to a box for platform and poke two holes. This 'Space invader' fan theme sees holding hands a difficult feat and assumes the insect comes from outa space. Ants always dig up is a twin feature with Dogs always Dig down.
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    Local NetworkShare
  11. skeletor staff.jpg

    skeletor staff.jpg

    "Yes" Quaint Brother Skeletor. "Banish to Castle Greyskull Staff is fitting for My rule, to bless than curse I fashion this My skeleton Key *raises it up* By the Power of Greyskull *music starts looking toward a cosmic rift* I Have the Power.
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    Bsod on windows 10 IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and another codes

    When testing a product from mircosoft in another country than America, we are using technology compared to another flag. The progress either deferrered hand-me-down or obsolete share is amazing. Update can move from a 32 bit wonder to ordinary compatible and reconised 64 bit, moving forward to...
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Hello everyone. I am here to help answer too, but AM also looking for some answers. I have listed one question and don't have any pending moment, beside complimenting the platform and the win10 layout (transparent taskbar)