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    Using WD external drive for backup

    Yes, you need to format it before storing backups there.
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    Problem after clean installing Win 7

    How about using bootable device (USB flash drive or CD/DVD) with formating software in to format the C drive under Windows PE mode? This won't start Windows so you can delete the previous Windows XP files completely. I am not sure if the "system repair disc" of Windows 7 backup and restore...
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    Upgrading HDD to SDD

    Hi BBJ You mentioned this issue . As far as I am concerned, you have to restore the backup image that created by AOMEI Backupper only use the same software. It is true that you cannot restore it using other image software. AOMEI Backupper released new version 3.5 version. Maybe you can try that...
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    Upgrading HDD to SDD

    Clean install is great but system clone is also acceptable. If you have some software that are hard to install for twice, cloning system drive to SSD is your best way. Samsung SSD should have built-in SDM (Samsung's Data Migration). If you don't find helpful, try this clone HDD to Samsung SSD...
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    Losing network connection when backing up drive using imaging/syncing program

    Hi Are you able to map the NAS storage to local hard drive and then backup data there? In Windows 7 and Windows 8, click Start -> Computer -> Map network drive. In Windows 10, click Start -> File Explore -> right-click This PC -> Map network drive. In Windows XP, click Start -> My Computer ->...
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    How Do I Create A Backup Of A Backup Of Windows 8.1

    No, I mean personal settings in the OS only, like admin and password and other changes you made in the system settings. The other kinds of personal files you created aren't necessary in reinstalling. For instance, you can reinstall some third party software later after you installed the system...
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    How Do I Create A Backup Of A Backup Of Windows 8.1

    It seems like you want to backup the "files needed to install Windows 8.1" to the main USB hard drive. You definitely need the backup image of Windows 8.1 OS to reinstall later when necessary. If you want to keep everything personal in that operating system, a disk imaging software for Windows...
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    disk clone and boot selection

    I guess I have got what you want to do. Replace the old HDD in Windows 7 with the new HDD you installed and boot OS from the new one? It is kind of easy. Theoretically, the steps will be, install new HDD, start cloning software (AOMEI Backupper standard is free for Windows 7), perform Disk...
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    I am actually replying you using Opera. :ahaha: It is great.
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    Why Should You Create a System Image!

    I guess I know the importance of create a system image than ever since I got several BSOD in my Windows 7. But I use Windows 7 snap in backup utility to create system image once. There is nothing wrong during the process.
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    Windows 10 Automatically Lagging

    Hi Nimit It is common that your PC getting slower and slower with daily use because it will generate system garbage or useless registry. How about uninstalling the unnecessary programs and deleting useless files. Press Windows key + R, type cleanmgr in the run box to open disk clean window. Or...
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    After today update things work!!!

    Hi, I am so glad that you guys like W 10. I was a little bit worry about this new system now it is all gone.
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    How to do you back-up windows servers in real-time??

    Upvote Josephur. They merely use Windows internal backup utility. there are many backup software in server edition designed for enterprises, and the backup task will be done with it.
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    W7 update hanging

    Hi,Star Since there are some corrupted files existed, why don't you try to check the partition error and fix it? I am using Windows 10 now, I would say it does has a faster boot speed and better interface. and the rest just keep the same as the Windows 7 for me. But who knows? you cannot be...
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    Windows Update isn't working

    I used to encountered Automatic Updates. It happened many times and I just leave it alone. Now I never run to it again. Maybe it just need some time.:razz: