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    Office 2003 in Windows 10

    About a year ago I wanted to get an IMAP account to sync with my cell phone. Outlook 2003 wouldn't do IMAP. I got Outlook 2013. I had Word 2003 to write my emails and embed photos and then send by Outlook. I could also use Word 2003 for personal documents. I had a problem that required me to...
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    Office 2003 in Windows 10

    I tried yesterday. It wouldn't even start. I Windows 2003 to run with Outlook 2013 but it was tricky.
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    Office 2003 in Windows 10

    Is it possible? I have Outlook 2013 but Word 2013 is so packed with things I don't need, such as collaboration tools, layout, document design, that it's a nightmare to use. Honestly, for me, Microsoft Word reached it's zenith with 2003, Word XP, and has gone wonky since then. Suggestions?
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    Windows 10 July 29th... Back up your system

    I have an SSD and a hard drive so, of course, my data was on the hard drive and my OS and programs on the SSD. I had absolutely no glitches in the upgrade and was almost nostalgic for the adventures in previous installations of new systems.
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    Windows 10 is here...

    Being older than some rocks, I get up often at night. When I got up at 1:00, I turned on the computer. Nothing. I checked Windows Update and was shocked when it asked if I were ready. That would have been 1:15 and by 1:45 I had Windows 10. The downloading and installation was automatic. My only...
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    Win7 machine does not receive some emails

    "Therefore, it is clear that Windows 7 system affected the capacity of receiving emails in Outlook. " I am using Outlook and Windows7 and not having a problem. Therefore,.... How many accounts do you have on each system? Are the messages being routed to your junk email file?
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    Missing sizes in Windows Explorer Status Bar

    No, if I click on "photos" and then hover over the file entitled JPEG, I get a window that says the date created and then the total size of the file, which today was 1.7Gb. The second part is the same for me. But, if I select some photos and then right-click and click on properties, I find out...
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    Missing sizes in Windows Explorer Status Bar

    If I pause the pointer over a file of photos, a little window pops up and says the size of the folder. If I check the properties it tells me how many photos are there but that usually doesn't interest me. When I open a folder and selected photos, the status bar tells me how many photos I've...
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    Installing Outlook in Win7

    I tried Outlook Express years ago and quickly dumped it. I'm still running Outlook 2003 with no problems.
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    Windows Photo Gallery

    Yes. I believe it's called Windows Photo Viewer.
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    windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit !!!!!!!!!

    I ran the 32-bit beta for a few months and then switched to 64-bit. I did not see much difference in performance. Perhaps some in my photo editing software. I had to wait a bit to get drivers but by the time I bought Windows7 all the drivers I needed were available. Adobe doesn't have Flash...
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    why did hp delay in making new drivers available

    I have an HP Laserjet 1020. The Windows7 drivers will be out sometime, maybe. I can't for the life of me see what buying a new computer would do. I'd have a new computer and no Windows7 drivers for my printer. If HP really believes their printers are only for the current operating system...
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    The Great Open Source Vs. Closed Source Debate

    You made it clear with your original post that you prefer Linux. That's fine. You listed pros and cons that were not valid to support your personal preference. That's fine, too. It's what fans are supposed to do. But, considering your opinions and ramblings truth is quite presumptuous. You...
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    Very slow boot compared to Vista

    When I first installed Windows7 it took about 1.5 minutes to start up. I did nothing. After a few days it was starting up in just under a minute, assuming I hadn't loaded any new drivers.
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    The Great Open Source Vs. Closed Source Debate

    djarrum: "I promote Linux because IN MY OPPINION it's simply better." That was obvious in your original post but it goes further. Debating pros and cons can't be done when the disciple defines the pros and cons for both sides. You rate a con for Windows as a poor file system and then you say...