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    Problems with Win 10, dual monitors

    All due respect his reply offers zero help to the question asked.
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    Problems with Win 10, dual monitors

    I am dumbfounded. I have dual monitors and KVM switch. I had issues getting both monitors to function at first as mouse would not move to second monitor. That was direct connect to monitors different brand/resolution but fixed that. Now I have 4 PC on a rack and use a KVM switch with two...
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    Installing on Dell T5400 server. HELP!

    I bouoght a dual quad Xeon workstation that I want to use for 3d graphics rendering. Price was right but if came with no OS. It has a Vista key label but I want to install Windows 7 Pro 64 on this machine. I found a number of forums where people talk about using W7 and on the Dell site it...