A layman here, I like to help others. Not the best, but I do my best. Goes for my wife too, and kids etc., hopefully.

I have three children
1. a daughter in Berlin, Germany, born 1990, a tremendous fruit of my wild life - some good may come out of that sort too.
2. after marriage [with a Finn], we got a son born in 2012, in Finland.
3. and we got a Queen daughter, 2014, in Finland.
4. my daughter, the older one of course, was married and gave birth to a son in 2014.

So I, who had nothing, used to the thought of being a bachelor, came to get three children and a grandchild in some five years, plus a stubborn wife, at the point where I thought my life was all about work. Anyone to claim that miracles don't happen?

I wish everyone the best, and I hope peace will prevail. I say this as a rather high ranking officer in the Army. "There is no true glory in war." - Dwight D. Eisenhower. We should avoid it, at any cost. No cost higher than life.

Add: my wife passed away in January 2015, means I'm not married but a widower.
Sep 28, 1958 (Age: 64)
Helsinki, Finland, Europe
Real Name
Operating System
Windows 7 Professional
Computer Type
OS Service Pack
SP 1
DirectX Version
CPU Type and Speed
AMD FX-8120, 3100Mhz
CPU Cooling
CPU Idle Temp
30 Celsius
CPU Load Temp
53 Celsius with 3DMark 11
Photographer, Entrepeneur, PR and Marketing
Motherboard Chipset
AMD 990FX (RD990) + SB920/SB950
System BIOS Revision
System Memory Type
System Memory Speed
Video Card Type and Speed
Video Card Cooling
Air / standard
Video Card Temperature
40 Celsius
Video 3DMark Score
4898, 3DMark 11 at Performance, no overclocking
Power Supply Unit (PSU)
XFX 1000W
Computer Monitor
Dell U3014
Sound Card
Logitech Z506 5.1
Logitech H110
Storage Controller
JMicron JMB36X
Hard Drive
ADATA SSD S510 120GB, OCZ Agility3 120GB SSD, Seagate 1000GB HDD
Optical Drives
Asus DRW-24B3ST, Asus BW-16D1Ht Blu-Ray Writer
Keyboard and Mouse
Microsoft RT2300, Diablo III
Modem-Router Type
devolo dLAN200 AVmini
Network Adapter
Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
HP LaserJet Pro 100 Color MFP M175nw
Network Speed
12MB receiving, 1MB sending (actual)
USB Controller
Gaming Console
Anti-virus Software
Avast Internet Security, Malwarebytes Pro
System Install Date
Dec 31, 1969
Computer Skill Level
Self-Taught Expert
Windows Experience Index
Favorite Game
Favorite Application
Probably Google Chrome, and DVBViewer - I like to watch comedies!




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