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    Running as Administrator

    Even if you are logged in as Administrator, the system does not perform some task as administrator for security reasons. You must right click on the Command prompt and select Run as administrator. Command prompt can be found in All Programs/Accessories when you select the Start Orb
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    How to find out if the USB connection to external device is using USB3 or USB2

    The only thing I can offer for this is that if you connect a USB 3.0 device to a USB 2.0 port, you should get a message that this device could perform faster if connected to a USB 3.0 port and no message appears if both are USB 3.0. You could also run a benchmark test of the drive. This tool...
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    Any one know how to configure your e-mail so that it doesn't delete them from the server.

    If you are using Windows Live Mail: Select the Accounts Tab Then Properties Select the Advanced Tab Here you can set it to leave a copy on the server (under Delivery at the bottom)
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    New 64 gb SSD

    Hi Rus, I would suggest that you try to remove any unnessary data from the SSD. Only 6 GB free is really not very much free space.
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    How do I write protect a DVD-R in windows 7

    Have you seen the following? Close or finalize a CD or DVD
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    Windows 7 is frying my processor

    Did the laptop originally come with Windows 7? Have you installed all the drivers from Toshiba?
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    random binded keys - how to unbind them?

    It may mean that your laptop keyboard has some sticking keys.
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    random binded keys - how to unbind them?

    Can you try another key board?
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    Defragging in Windows &

    Windows 7 defragmentation works fine. I have never found the need to do anything else.
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    What are you getting when you go to Homegroup in the Conrol panel? Is your Homegroup already set up on your network with another PC?
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    Windows features is blank

    When you ran the system readiness tool, did it find any errors?
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    Putting multiple operating systems on my laptop

    I would first check if drivers exist for Windows 98 and your computer.
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    How can I change hosts file ? It won't let me

    If you open Notepad at an elevated level (right click the Notepad icon and select "Run as Administrator"), you can edit the file where it is.
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    Installed to extended partition.

    There must be at least one primary partition for Windows to boot. It would contain the boot records. You could use a third party partition tool to change the extended partiton to primary and the use the Windows DVD to do a start up repair.