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    MUSIC Playlist Verão Sem Pausa! The Best Songs - Summer Playlist - Overstyle

    My dear musicians, I love you, but I would love to see you make a James brand song ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ music ringtones
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    How to embed windows app into labview frontpanel

    Never use a Stacked Sequence Structure! (Almost) never use an "ordinary" Sequence Structure -- the Error Line is in (most) LabVIEW Functions for a purpose -- use it to sequence your code. Have you tried running Calc in a sub-Panel? It's not clear why you are doing this ... # Mobogenie App for...
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    Application 800 x 600 resolution touch screen

    I am building an application that will be installed on a touch screen computer. The touch screen I have on hand is a 800 x 600 resolution screen. I believe I can get the front panel to fit this. Does anyone have experience that installing an application to a low resolution monitor like this...
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    How to embed windows app into labview frontpanel

    How can i integrate any open Windows appication in a labview frontpanel. In the attached vi it opens calc and brings to front. But i would like it to be on the labview frontpanel.