how many of you netizens out there ever heard of wudo? it is very real … and its coming to a computer near you!
since disabling wudo back in spring (2016) … no complications with microsoft updates. sure as heck would be nice if microsoft placed a cap on how much broadband they abscond for updates.

latest 1803 wudo:

hide/show win-10 updates:
enable/disable win-10 update:


within this great expansive universe we are part of … do you really believe we're all alone? i sure don't … and neither should you. :cool:

my avatar? it's a 'tarsier' … specifically, one of the tarsius-syrichta species that lives in the philippine islands. you can see better pic by accessing my website.

"you are the transcendency of your own destiny … choose wisely; and keep god in your heart at all times."


nomenclature (security trending):
recent extended interest in preternatural events … go figure.

<end of data>
time² stands still …
Real Name
Political Views
Operating System
windows 10.0 (home ed) 64bit (oem 8.0)
Computer Type
toshiba satellite P55-A5312
OS Service Pack
as of 08-14-2018 … w10scu (1803) 17134.228
Internet Explorer Version
ffx, brv, chr, opr, saf, viv, plm … (no microsoft)
CPU Type and Speed
intel core i5 4200U @ 1.60ghz
miracle-worker / trouble-shooter / grunt … fwiw
System Memory Type
upgraded from 6gb (oem) to 16gb (PNY 16GB PC3-12800L DDR3 SoDIMM)
klipsch promedia 2.1 (love 'em)
Hard Drive
one-touch-8100 (scanner)
Network Speed
Anti-virus Software
avast, mbam, sb (and others)
Productivity Suite
would be bloody dumbfounded with lifetime subscription to adobe-cc … if anyone's offering. j/k
System Install Date
Computer Skill Level
Limited Knowledge
Windows Experience Index
Favorite Game
descent, pitfall [heck they came with my ibm-aptiva (circa 1995)].
Favorite Application
illustrator 'n photoshop 'n indesign 'n preps … pwsafe 'n 3dclipboard … classic-shell



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