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    VIDEO Use Ten Internet Connections at Once

    I've tried this just for the fun of it I want to see if it works and the result is amazing.
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    Windows 7 on a laptop, need help to find the right drivers.

    if all fails in searching for drivers, i would suggest using its free and easy to use.
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    UFO floating across screen when using Internet Explorer..New winnows 8 laptop

    you may want to check this out
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    oh yeah! AC is 24/7! nice to hear from you Ross :)

    oh yeah! AC is 24/7! nice to hear from you Ross :)
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    [Support] Several Games Crashing/Glitching

    have you tried playing with different ram? I had some game crashing when playing prototype 2 with sudden freezing. removing (1) 4gb of ram then try playing see if there's any changes. in my case that worked for me. hope it helps.
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    oh my! Ross! how are you?, this amazing I was just watching this...

    oh my! Ross! how are you?, this amazing I was just watching this then you showed up..I am fine just fine, got transferred to saudi arabia, trying to catch up whats new in the net and what have I missed. a lot changed around here, man great to see...
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    Anyone know what this is?

    I am guessing its the Java applet option in the Internet Explorer Advanced settings tab. Try to disable it and the automatic download option as well in the Control Panel Settings for Java.
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    Windows Server Anybody able to identify this game?

    could it be PENGO? or PETER PENGUIN?
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    Internet Explorer 10

    maxthon user here, I only use IE for some government online application which their site requies ie.,anyways this what I tried when ie crashes, hope this helps :)
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    Need Help with Desktop PC

    - you also have a copy in folder WinSxS /x86_microsoft-windows-directx-direct3d11_31bf3856ad364e35_6.2.9200.16384_none_ec635ab79f12dc23 - then you need to take ownership of the file to be replaced with (usually the one in 0kb) in sysWOW , then copy one from winsxs and paste into sysWOW. - follow...
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    What Song Do You Like or Are You Listening Too?

    something from the 90's, a famous band from where I came from ;)
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    Feint screen? inverter?

    Inverter is likely the cause, but you should also wanna try dismantling the LCD cover and take a look at the connection on both end of the LCD which is near the two hinges. I have seen burnt wire connection many times, soldering it back worked for me.
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    10+ mistakes Linux newbies make

    First time I had my hands on Backtrack, I had an aching head for days! :eek:
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    Windows 7 So What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I thought I play Caesar 4 again, build some city!