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    Windows 7 Running 32bit games on 64bit.

    Batman Arkham Asylum works on W7, no problems; however, I'm not sure why you're receiving that message.
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    loosing internet connection - RTM x64

    As of my last reply, I have switched out my D-Link DI-604 (that was connected to my D-Link DIR-655 (DHCP disabled)) and set up the DIR-655 only. Some routers say W7 compatible/supported like the DIR-655, so I'll see if this makes a difference. I also flashed it with the newest firmware. I did...
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    loosing internet connection - RTM x64

    I hate to bump, but.. @Howard: I have a similar problem only when I access I can browse for a random amount of time and while browsing profiles, my network access (including cable modem and router) aren't seen by the computer and receive a No Network Access message in the...
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    Too much time to shutdown and boot-up

    Great. I'm glad that solved your problem.
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    LG GSA-H55N problem (DVD-RAM)

    In Vista these two worked as expected but once in W7, they've been acting up since. Since using W7, looking in Nero 9 InfoTool showed the first drive - Read Speed 48x and Write Speed 16x while the second drive showed up as Read Speed 12x and Write Speed N/A. I've flashed them both to the latest...
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    Network disconnects after going to

    What's the correlation between Scheduled Tasks and my network disconnects?
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    Too much time to shutdown and boot-up

    Do you have a UPS? Just checking because I had a similar issue with my UPS software and the Power Management software conflicting which caused Power Management to take like 637 ms longer than usual during startup/shutdown. Windows actually told me out of the blue it was the cause and gave me...
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    nforce 64 bit driver driver not compatable w/Win 7 64 bit?

    Firstly, please confirm you have 64-bit Windows by right-clicking Computer in the Start Menu and going to Properties. I'm not doubting you, just double checking before we proceed. Are you sure you selected the following from the Download Drivers section at NVIDIA's website (for your...
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    New Features and Changes

    Ok, that's really weird. Since I couldn't sign in due to the Facebook Sign In earlier wasn't available, I created a new profile called "rbridgeman1" and posted that message above. Now, since the Facebook Sign In is available and I'm logged in using my original account, it seems it renamed the...
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    New Features and Changes

    I just created a thread a couple minutes ago and it says I have 0 posts. Plus, it's not showing up.
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    Network disconnects after going to

    I've been on the phone with Norton, Microsoft and my ISP (Cogeco) about this issue and have ruled out that Norton Internet Security Suite 2010 and Cogeco are not the issue. Microsoft have been calling me in these recent days to figure this issue out and to help me solve it. My issue is when...
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    Windows 7 59hz Revert

    Agreed. I just thought I would send the info to one or the other.
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    Questions about Windows 7 XP Mode

    Here - Yes, Virtual PC is free. Also, see the two links at the bottom of the page where it says "Release notes and installation instructions."
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    Beware: Do Not Install

    There are no problems using CS4 with Windows 7. I'm using Design Premium CS4, specifically. Where did you hear this information from, or was it from your own experience?
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    what to use to burn cd/dvds?

    Despite what others say here, I've been using Nero 9 for awhile now with Vista and now 7. I have never had any problems with it and love the various tasks I can do with it.