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    Windows Surface

    Can I download and run Quicken 2014 on Windows Surface ?
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    Security essentials

    I have downloaded Norton from Comcast--they furnish it free to Xfinity/Comcast users.. Thank you for the tip though, Bob
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    Security essentials

    I thought so,,,was suspicious when Mal Bytes was picking up malware and Essentials was not-- dropped essentials, put Norton back to work..
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    Security essentials

    Running win 7 with Microsoft Security Essentials.. No Problem, but I read somewhere that Microsoft was going to abandon Security essentials.. Should I switch or was it just a rumor.
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    Windows 7 Security essentials

    Running Security Essentials, up until about a month ago all definition updates were automatically installed. Now they are all marked as optional and I must manually install them. Is there a setting that I can change back to automatic install?