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    vista keeps crashing

    i upgraded to vista in march. it keeps crashing every 30 minutes for 5 minutes. theres got to be a problem. theres plent of memort left. what should i do.
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    vista freezing

    I have vista and adleast once a day it crashes. It totally freezes. I cant shutdown open uo task manager ot even open up the cd drive. U have 30 gb of free hard drive so thats not the problem. And yea the computer ismcompatible with the os
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    vista - xp

    look uo the top
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    vista - xp

    I baught my computer and then i got the free vista upgrade. I instaled it and now dont want it anymore. Can i use my xp recovery disks so i can have xp again. Is it illegal. If i cant, what else can i do. I want to go from home preimum to profesional there is no option for the date i baught...