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    Can I shut the computer down via the power button?

    Actually, this isn't quite the case anymore. It's true that this practice led to filesystem damage with older computers, and that's because the power button used to cut power directly from the computer's hardware, causing a literal "shutdown". Nowadays, though, pressing the power button will...
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    slow connection

    Are there any internet-reliant apps running in the background? This might be causing your issue. You can check by opening Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and scrolling down to "Background Processes"
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    Can I shut the computer down via the power button?

    Yes, this should be perfectly safe. Just hold the power button for a few seconds until it turns off. There is a large misconception that doing this is somehow unsafe, but in today's age it is absolutely fine.
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    Windows Security settings menu is empty

    Did you try waiting for a while or restarting? Perhaps your computer is just taking some time to process the graphics for that menu.
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    Windows updates don't seem to install

    32-bit OS shouldn't have anything to do with it. We have had similar issues with a computer that didn't have enough free drive space to update. If resetting your update cache doesn't work, a lack of available drive space may be the problem.
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    Avoid Software From These Countries Like the Plague

    Thanks for the heads up. Agreed, TikTok appears to be comparable to a black hole when it comes to data. It's unfortunate that so many people don't seem to care about the fact that they risk losing a lot of their privacy when installing software like this.
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    MAC address restriction and wi fi booster

    This depends on the extender you're using. Some will allow MAC filtering but you have to disable it on your router first.
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    Windows 10 not detecting graphics card

    You could also try forcing your graphics driver to detect your card via bcdedit or enabling "discrete graphics" through BIOS. Here are some instructions on how to do that if nothing else works.
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    Extremely slow response when a web browser accesses the folder structure

    Have you tried restarting explorer.exe? This can be done via Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) by clicking "Windows Explorer" while having the File Explorer open and then clicking "Restart"
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    Start Menu Critical Error

    If no internet solutions have worked for you, it's possible this error is due to problems with your Windows account and start-up process. We actually wrote a troubleshooting guide for this today which can be read here. For some reason, the "critical start menu error" is getting more common now...
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    Windows Spotlight Breaks my lock screen

    Can you name the program that disables Content Delivery Manager? Perhaps this is interfering with other settings as well.
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    edge annoyance

    If that's what it's asking for, then yes, probably.
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    Dragging effect

    Can you describe the effect for us? It's unclear whether this was built-in or an error that needs to be fixed.
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    How to extend the taskbar onto a secondary monitor with Windows 7

    Have you looked into "Dual Monitor Taskbar"? It's specifically designed for Windows 7 and it's open source. Never tried this application myself, but after doing some research, it seems to do the trick.
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    Windows 10 not detecting graphics card

    Does the graphics card show up under display adapters on Device Manager? (Windows Key + X > Device Manager)