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    Windows 10 How to copy file details such as year & genre etc. to a text file.

    Are you talking about the ID3 tags in mp3 files? I don't think the "dir" command can do that. You will need a third party program or write yourself a script in Perl using the MP3-Tag Module.
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    Here's something that I really wish Microsoft would change in Windows 10.

    Good point. I can name a few more things... I sometimes have Windows freeze up for no known reason. There is no good log to see what was done last to see if that may be the cause. Something like syslog in Unix... I also tried to restore from backup written to an internal hard drive (or USB...
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    Windows 10 Move c:\users to d:\users

    Thanks so much for the links two the two articles. That makes me hate the "drive letter thing" even more in Windows. Things are much more simple in the Unix/Linux world. But, that's a whole entire different conversation. Thanks again!
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    Windows 10 Move c:\users to d:\users

    But that is "kinda" defeat the purpose of having faster C:\ drive though? You want Windows and your Software load up faster, that's why you have faster C:\ drives.
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    Windows 10 Move c:\users to d:\users

    I found a thread on this subject from sometimes back but there was no good solution so I want to ask this again. I upgraded my computer with a much faster but much smaller SSD drive. There is way to move c:\Users\user_name to another drives but that's not a good way todo because you have to do...
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