Since Dos 6.0, Win 3.1, Win 95A.. then 95b, Win98, (jumped past ME) too buggy, hung onto win2000pro for as long as I could, went to XP pro..(win2000 with eye candy), skipped the buggy Vista.. and tried the beta of Win7pro. I fell in love with it. So I bought three disks at 195.00 a piece.
Took longer to like Windows 8. I have accepted in love with Windows-8. realise 10 is coming and is here to stay.....
February 27
western Canada
Real Name
Religious Views
Relationship Status
Political Views
I'm a self-employed carpenter, so naturally, Capitalism.
Operating System
Windows 7, Windows 10 build-9926
Computer Type
tower self-made
OS Service Pack
Internet Explorer Version
ver-11, prefer Firefox Browser
CPU Type and Speed
tower i5 3330
Finish Carpenter, & renos.
Motherboard Chipset
Video Card Type and Speed
tower-Graphics Chipset--MD Radeon HD 7870
Power Supply Unit (PSU)
tower, CoolerMaster 720-watt
Computer Monitor
Asus 24-inch, 16 by 9 + LG 16x9. 3840x1080 res.
Sound Card
tower, Asus Xonar DG 7.1
tower, Logitech Z906 5.1
Steelseries, paid 100.00 bucks for them
Hard Drive
tower, ssd Sumsung 840, 120-gig. (for the operating system)
Optical Drives
tower, WD 1-TiB, WD 2-TiB, 500-gig 2.5 top-case slide-in, 500-gig usb3 external.
Keyboard and Mouse
Sculpt Ergonomic & numeric-pad... Logitech 510 wireless mouse.
Modem-Router Type
Pace, from Sasktel
Brother MFC-4760DN, OKI colour laser
Network Speed
5.0 megs-per-second
Anti-virus Software
Productivity Suite
Computer Skill Level
Average Ability
Windows Experience Index
Favorite Game
Favorite Application
FireFox, Paint Shop Pro


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