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    Change Windows Version Between Two Computers

    Retail key is the only activator that can help you to move your windows to another machine, but it is still easy to solve your problem, all what you need to do is to purchase an OEM key, it is very cheap, you can have it from Amazon or Cdiscount...ect Personnaly i prefer codekey-activation dote...
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    Unable to launch windows 10

    I had the same prob, after i purchased an OEM key everything is ok now, i don't think that you need realy retail activator, it costs an arm and leg, instead you can purchase a key from Amazon or Cdiscount...ect, Personnaly i bought it from codekey-activation dote com. Good price and They send an...
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    Welcome to Windows 10 Upgrade and Installation

    If you need OEM activator you can find it in several sites, Amazon or Cdiscount...ect, for me i prefere codekey-activation dote com, is the cheapest one. It works for lifetime. If you want retail activator you need to buy it from Microsoft directly, but it is so expencive. Envoyé de mon...
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    Reinstall Windows 10

    Hi It works depending on the activation code you used in the first play, if the code was OEM, you windows will be activated. Envoyé de mon SM-J810F en utilisant Tapatalk
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    USB problem

    Simply, you can move toward windows 10, then everything will be ok Envoyé de mon SM-J810F en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Windows 10 versio 1903 päivitys

    Maybe you need an activation code, your windows 10 code you had entered is not valid Envoyé de mon SM-J810F en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Win 10 1903 installation stick how big should it be?

    Hi It should be the code you are using, it is not valid, or maybe you are using an installation code, in fact you need an activation code, i had the same probleme, after i bought an OEM code, the problem has been solved. Envoyé de mon SM-J810F en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Which Anti-Virus do You Use?

    Im using the best anti virus, kaspersky internet security Envoyé de mon SM-J810F en utilisant Tapatalk