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    2 questions

    I wasn't the one who put the link there, this website automatically did that. Here's a free piece of software to use for creating Virtual Machines: VMware Player: Run Windows 7, Chrome OS - Free Download for a Virtual PC
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    How do I delete these .file files?

    I would've rather avoided using 3rd party applications to do this, but I tried the application out and it worked just fine. Thanks for the help, much appreciated :)
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    I'm back!

    Thanks guys, it's good to be back :cool:
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    How do I delete these .file files?

    Hello guys A while back, I downloaded a few PDF files from my school's network that I had to use for an assignment. However, now I want to delete them. Deleting the .pdf files went just fine, easily done. However, there seems to be 2 .file files still in my downloads folder with the same names...
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    I will not be buying Windows 8...

    I'll definitely be buying Windows 8. At first, I didn't really like the new interface. But the more you use Windows 8, the more you actually start to like it. I call this phenomenon 'the Facebook-effect'. Based on how everybody hates Facebook when they change the layout, yet not long after...
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    2 questions

    Best way, I guess, would be to run XP in a virtual machine and do it through there. Might take some work to get it to work right, but it should be pretty easy to do if you know your way around computers.
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    are these temps too hot??

    For a laptop, it seems okay, considering it's summer. Just keep in mind to clear your fans of dust once in a while
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    I'm back!

    That's right guys, I'm back. And this time, I'm counting on staying. The reason for me being gone is me being insanely busy for a long time, but I have finally got my summer vacation now and am ready to help some people on these forums again. For those of you who are not sure who I am here is...
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    Windows 7 Need For Speed:The Run...Give you Opinion??

    It looks like a good game, and I like the things with you actually doing other things than driving in the storyline. But I've always felt there is an issue with NFS games - The driving just isn't very realistic, it feels clunky at times and nitros plays WAY too much of a role in my opinion. I...
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    Windows 7 Users turning off UAC put their PCs at risk, says Microsoft

    That's interesting. One of the first things I do when I do a fresh install, is to turn off UAC as it irritates me with the pop-ups constantly. I haven't been infected with a virus since Windows XP though, so I think I got a hold of it all. Interesting read anyways, thanks for posting it :)
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    Tech Sites

    Mostly these linked below, for news at least: WinRumors | Microsoft news and rumors Joystiq Video Games, Cheats, Walkthroughs, Game Trailers, Reviews, News, Previews & Videos at IGN - Where unprofessional journalism looks better Tjek på teknologien - PC World Reviews and News on Tech...
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    What Song Do You Like or Are You Listening Too?

    Listening to this right now. Song is awesome, sadly the video is crappy.
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    Windows 7 Celestica for Windows 7 [VS]

    Download: Link Removed - Invalid URL
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    Future Firefox Mockups Look Gorgeous, Practical (Pics)

    Yeah I've seen those. They look really good, can't wait to use Firefox with such a nice UI. Maybe I would even just keep it default and non-customized :o
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    Welcome to the Windows 7 Forums

    Re: Re: Welcome to the Windows 7 Forums Just registered. Looks like a nice site, already recognize a few people on here. Some of you may already know me as well from other forums and from DeviantART btw :)