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    How to recover very old deleted files???

    Not sure how this would work on an Apple OS, around summer of 2019 on my old PC I started hear clicks from a back up hard drive, at least it sounded like it, and I was getting an IO error either it was on the HDD or sata port, i did a bit research on line and I'm by no means very good in Dos or...

    Windows 8.1 Pro Purchase Options

    I thank you for the reply, and I do realize that can do either the anytime Upgrade or a Duel boot install, my boot HDD is large enough to do that, But there is a hitch there also. (see attached Image) the Windows 7 ultimate key I have would not be excepted during activation, I was pushed to use...

    Windows 8.1 Pro Purchase Options

    Hello and good day, I now realize that I should have bought Win 8.1 Pro some time ago, but it what it is, I am now looking at several online sites that are selling it and a couple are selling for less than $50.00, that just does not sound right, while one is selling it with a copy of Office 2013...

    Need a software to capture screen on Windows 8

    I know this is an old Post by the OP, Just fiogured I add my thoughts here. Without knowing the amount of funds your willing to spend, As "OTT" stated, Bandicam is one of the best at fair price and if you have an Nvidia GPU, you can use .H64 codec along with the .X264 codec and put the load of...

    Introduce Yourself.

    Hello one and all, yet another newbie here, been doing some research and looking at what options I have to avoiding Win 10 as much as possible. :) With Win 7 support rapidly coming to an end, I was looking to get win 8.1 Pro, and that is proving to be very interesting, with MS support still...