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    Split audio

    Hi! I have Live gamer HD capture card. The card only supports 3.5 mm jack for audio but I have gamer USB headsets. Is there a way to split audio that it streams on USB headset and 3.5 jack at the same time? I found a program named Virtual sound card that did just that, but the sound lagged a...
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    My Pc crashes

    Thanks for replaying currently i am not useing by any AV program because I read on the forums that it could make problems, so I deleted it a few days ago Thanks
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    My Pc crashes

    Hi This is my first time posting here. So i have been having problem whit my PC since i bought it but recently i have been having more problems then usual whit blue screen crashing whit many difrent errors. I have windows 7 pro 32-bit I tryed check my hard-drive and it dident show any error...