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    Gmail Problem

    That's great. Have a good day.
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    Gmail Problem

    I want to recommend if you are actually accessing your Gmail account then you can take a backup of Gmail messages using Google takeout. After that, you can open it in any MBOX-based email client. On other hand, install any email client (like Mozilla Thunderbird) and set up an account with Gmail...
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    Retrieve your Windows Product Key without extra software

    It's working thanks in Windows 10.
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    How to convert M4P to mp3?

    There is lots of free tools online that help you to convert MP4 to MP3 by uploading. Also, you can convert URL video to MP3 format.
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    Google Chrome and Adobe Acrobat - default opening

    When I was also suffering from this problem I used Malwarebytes to fix the issue with my PC and now it works well. So I would like to suggest that try this method first then go ahead.
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    Turn off hover select

    Hello, yes you can disable the hover, adding CSS: pointer-events:none; in the required place. I hope it will helpful for you.
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Hello Guys! my name is Somit Vishwakarma and I am a designer and markter in a reputed company.