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    Best strategy

    Keep the familiar XP skin, use 64bit for maximum memory (Mac server can use 64gb???), for the present-just use 4Gb memory, buy the fastest processor (less expensive!!!) and await a truly new OS from Microsoft or Linux! Xp's memory use was crippled despite MAEafter SP2 "due to poor drivers": any...
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    Optical drives "disappear":maybe Roxio (Fix exists)

    You can no longer access the CD drive or the DVD drive, or you receive an error message after you remove a CD recording program or a DVD recording program in Windows XP: "error code 31"
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    IMPORTANT: Burning .iso to DVD

    There is a Roxio fix for this! Also a Registry edit-Google for Optical drives not recognised-have to edit high and low values
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    Windows 7 Installation Problems Solved!

    Try CD Burner XP-best solution for me!!! Gives accurate DVD from .iso This should be bundled with all Windows OS!!! Having a known working good install DVD sloves most install problems both with Windows and Linux hiccoughs!!! Don't rubbish Windows 7 until you've got a good install!!!
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    IMPORTANT: Burning .iso to DVD

    I'm convinced all the previous problems with faulty install of 64bit version W7 were because of a faulty burning program, Roxio 9, which states "verified", but disc is corrupted. PLEASE use CD BurnerXP which is free, fast, simple, rapid and reliable!!! Install of 64bit vrsion now working correctly
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    Error Installing Win 7 64bit

    64bit version: tried three seperate motherboards-Asus P5 nogo, Asus 1333 no go, Abit IP35E goes-but installation broken: no icons give Control Panel etc-WE restarting Cannot therefore install Abit drivers-nothing shows in WE... LOL!!!
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    Windows Explorer restarting/no icons work/permissions

    64bit version Click My Compter, or Control Panel-no page shown: Windows Explorer restarting: same inaction: any ideas??? Reinstalled several times IP35E/4300 cpu Cannot install IP35 drivers-ie network card-therefore cannot get internet Default seach files corrupted ???
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    64bit version;

    No-first time! Integral graphics..., everything else unplugged! Yup-you got it!!! Doesn't like Asus P5B/Radeon X1550, or previous, but does like Abit IP35(needs BIOS update for E8400)... I thought it was just Linux that was dead piccy!!! MORAL: TRY DIFFERENT HARDWARE IF YOU'VE GOT A FEW...
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    Please raise RAM handling

    Can the "normal" version of, say, Photoshop CS be used on a 64bit system, and use more than 4Gb memory??
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    64bit version;

    I've burned three DVD's from two downloads; Install hangs at Windows 7 build 7000 bluesky/sunbeams screen! Formatted hd...Still hangs with no Region screen etc Do I need to install 64bit drivers for mb with, say, Windows XP 64bit first, or what? (P5GC-MX/1333 (integral grahics), E8400 core2 duo)...
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    IE broken, Windows Mail gone-any ideas???

    I'm using Thunderbird for email: it seems crazy to omit an email handler to try to force users into Windows Live!!! I got IE to work by re ticking "obtain IP address automatically-even tho it was ticked already
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    IE broken, Windows Mail gone-any ideas???

    It seems that Windows Mail, and WinMail.exe is removed in W7, because they want you to use Windows Live Thunderbird works well!!!
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    IE broken, Windows Mail gone-any ideas???

    I unpinned WM from taskbar, now cannot find WinMail.exe for new shortcut. IE now broken: any ideas please? Safari works ok...
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    Please raise RAM handling

    Surely the best "wonder feature" would be to allow W7 to use more RAM! I believe all 32bit versions are crippled to make the 64bit versions seem more attractive. If W7 could utilise 8Gb RAM I would buy it straight away!!! Otherwise, stick to XP...!