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    Windows 7 Games that Work and Games that Don't.

    Hi All Since my last post in this thread I have installed the retail vers of Win 7 Home Premium and while the games: COD 2 (Win XP compatibility mode) Farcry 2 Crysis COD 4 COD Mod War 2 LOTR all run ok, when I installed "The Elder Scrolls Oblivion" it would not run except in XP mode SP2 but...
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    Windows 7 corrupts Floppy disk

    I also have had this problem with "Floppy" drives (3 from different manufacturers, to be exact) and do not believe it to be a HARDWARE problem but a Win 7 issue. I also have a PC with Win XP Pro 64 bit and have no problems formatting or reading floppy discs, and both my PCs are AMD chipset...
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    Windows xp mode in w7 help use usb device

    Hi Have you tried searching for a driver from the Manufacturer? , any new driver. I have a PC Line videocam which I was running under XP (both 32 and 64Bit) and I downloaded the most recent driver available and it works with Win 7, no XP mode or virtual box. Try searching for the most recent...
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    Welcome to the Windows 7 Forums

    Hi All I bought the retail version of WIn 7 Premium and performed a clean install after reformatting and I am one happy bunny. This OS is very very good and has installed everthing, so far, that I have thrown at it. If it doesn't work native then it runs in compatibility mode for XP or Vista...
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    Windows 7 Games that Work and Games that Don't.

    Crysis Ok COD MW2 Ok COD4 Ok COD2 Ok (Run installer in Win XP SP3 Compatibility Mode) Far Cry Ok ( Ditto) Stransky
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    USB Miserable Problems!!!

    Hi kemical I have already tried with Microsoft drivers and also generic mouse drivers. There were no drivers supplied with my mice only Software to aloow customisation of extra buttons, and then only for IE and Outlook Express, which I do not use (Firefox, Thunderbird person). I have an...
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    USB Miserable Problems!!!

    Hi kemical I am using both a USB wireless mouse and a generic usb mouse and have not needed to install drivers for these. But I am still getting USB freezes even when I have a PC mouse connected. Everything appeared to be going ok and then it suddenly went downhill. I am wondering if it had...
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    USB Miserable Problems!!!

    Hi All Back again to the same old problem (USB) . I am again having problems with USB attachments even though I am running with the latest SB 700 Vista drivers. The most frustrating one is the inability to use my \USB mouse. Fortunately I have a OC mouse and my board supports it but that is...
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    Dual Boot Windows 7 RC with TWO physical drives.

    Hi Noob I have the same configuration as you HDD wise and I am running WIn 7 RC on 1 HDD and Win XP 64 on a second. As long as you have Win XP already installed on 1 drive, when you install 7 on the other it will set up the dual boot scenario and you will be able to select either to boot from...
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    32 bit internet browsers suddenly causing windows 7 64 bit explorer to crash..

    Hi mathew As I have already asked in another thread, what Build of Win 7 are you using? Some of the builds released into the wild have additional malware hidden within that cause similiar issues to thois you are experiencing. I found this out for myself when I downloaded Build 7077 64 Bit and...
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    Website issues with Windows 7

    Hi sim What Build of Win 7 are you using? I originally ran the Beta Bld 7000 and then I thought I would try one of the newer builds released into the wild and downloaded and installed bld 7077 and I found I was having similar problems to your goodself. I am now running the official downloaded...
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    Windows 7 installation over XP

    Hi Windows 7 will not install over XP you need to do a clean install. Even on AMD/Intel PCs the only way to upgrade to Win 7 is via a Vista w/Service Pack 1 installation. Stranksy (Douglas B)
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    Who has purchased a pre-order copy of Windows 7

    Win 7 Premium Pre-Order I have pre-ordered Win 7 Premium and will be installing the 64 bit vers. I ordered from (£49.99) on the day MS$ notified me it was available. I previously Beata tested Bld 7000. Which strangely I had no problems with. Stransky (Douglas B)
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    Windows 7 slows to a crawl with 3rd-party apps installed

    Hi All For all those concerned with Win 7 RC boot -up times and aftermath. I visited a site Black Viper's Web Site and downloaded his Windows 7 RC1 Service configurations. Even if you do not use the information gleaned from this site the number of services listed on start-up should give you all...
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    New Motherboard

    Hi All I have changed Motherboards several times now (see posts on freezing thread) and I have had no problems with Win 7 RC running on either board after the change especially since I updated to the latest VISTA chipset drivers for the boards. Only thing that is needed is to re-activate Win 7...