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    Different type of network printer problem

    An update to my still current problem. First off, I see that people answer the easy questions fast, and a thousand times repeated. Please tell me that there is someone out there that is more knows more about this stuff than me. I get no response to a question that is actually difficult. I have...
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    Different type of network printer problem

    Different type of network printer problem (SOLVED!! 0x000003e3 cannot connect) I am on a domain. I'll call it system1. It has a print server called sys1-prn. On the domain there are probably around 50 to 60 printers. All HP laserjet 4100 series. They are compatible, and I can connect to all of...
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    Problem wih sound

    Hey sound in Win7 can be a hastle. If you have any sound card software installed, delete it. Look around for a windows 7 version(doubtful). Creative has some betas out. Regardless at this point it is best to let Win7 control the sound. So, get the 32 bit Vista drivers for your sound. Uninstall...
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    Data Transfer Rate

    I have been using 7 since the 6000 builds. I just started using the RC1, and the data transfer rate is stupid slow. I can't get USB 2.0 above 19 MB/s and I can't get drive to drive above 10 MB/s! The fact that my USB is going faster than my two harddrives is absolutely rediculas. I have seen...
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    6gb Corsair Dominator DDR3

    Run the newest CPU-Z if that detects it, then you are using it. Good luck
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    IDE hard drive help

    I just ran into the same problem. However, mine would read with the POST up til it got to the SMART and data rate compatibilty test. Then it would freeze. I believe it was something to do with the Active partition or the format. I deleted both partitions on the drive and repartitioned, then did...
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    Trying to have both at the same time.

    Hi this is probably not windows 7 specific however I am trying to accomplish it in Windows 7 so I'll ask. I have decided to dual boot one of my PC's at work. I am testing 7 out for a few programs that are specifically used with my company. Here is the issue: I am only testing just a few things...