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    PCs not showing on network

    This happened to me (just three pcs). I'd set up a new PC in a hurry and used a Windows account. The other machines are on local account. Changing this solved it for me.
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    Windows Update

    Somebody from "Suresh Steel Centre" e has recently asked an eqaully basic question a few days ago. Also a very short question with no details. This seems like a strange coincidence.
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    Win 11 Start menu options

    TBH the problem is not adding items. It's preventing them adding themselves and being able to put the ones I do want in a sensible location, according to function. So that programmes, and particularly the many programmes that don't have helpful names, can be grouped according to function. So...
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    Tell me best video editing software for make youtube video

    I use Openshot and it's created some pretty decent stuff (IMAO). Avidemux, I seem to remember, had a steeper learning curve.
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    Win 11 Start menu options

    In which case 11 is not coming anywhere near my PC. 10's Start menu has its faults - needing some fussy procedures to whip the menu into shape, but at least it can be done. The idea of it being totally disorganised other than according to the alphabetic order of random, often irrelevant names...
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    How to remove an e-mail address from my laptop pc

    As above. Is it actually email you're trying to get to. i.e. Are you trying to read your emails in a web browser. Like Gmail. Or an email client, like Outlook or Thunderbird? Or are you entering your email address as a username to log into your computer. What happens when you try to type your...
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    Stumped by network sharing problem

    This is an old question. I hope it's resolved. If not, or for anyone else........ Check if one PC is logged in as a local account and one as a Microsoft account. This does seem to break simple sharing. I could only get my current PCs to see my new one when I switched it to a local account. (At...
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    Win 11 Start menu options

    I've heard that organising the Start menu in 11 is not possible. (It became pretty convoluted in 10). Is this true? I like ( or even need) to organise programme links, grouped according to purpose ( graphics, Office, internet, etc,) because I have lots of useful little programmes, many of which...
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    Duplicate printer driver

    I uninstalled the printer's software. I ran the manufacturer's install software which reinstalled the printer. One copy of the printer appeared in the programmes' drop down lists. I rebooted my computer. A second copy appeared in the programmes' drop down list. Clearly it had installed a second...
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    Duplicate printer driver

    As opposed to downloading the manufacturer's most recent drivers then running the install.exe they provide with it you mean?
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    Duplicate printer driver

    OK thanks, I'll do that. (Still leaves me with the niggley feeling that it shouldn't ought to happen in the first place- but of course that's not your fault).
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    Duplicate printer driver

    Anyone? I can't uninstall and reinstall if I'm being told not to run the installation scripts and haven't been given an alternative method.
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    Duplicate printer driver

    Thanks, I'll uninstall the Canon printer drivers and download fresh copies. But I don't understand this bit " This time do not allow the installation process (program) to automatically install and setup your printers. " So if I don't run Canon's installation how do I install the printer's drivers?
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    Duplicate printer driver

    Windows keeps installing a second copy of my (Canon) printer. One that is none functioning so that when users select the canon they may well be sending to the Canon Pixma (copy 1) - which doesn't actually talk to the printer, so the document just sits in that dead-end. I can delete it from the...
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    How would you rate Windows 7

    Also, Win 10 hasn't even got rid of bugs that Win 7 had. So for example, if you use custom recycle bin icons they don't automatically switch when you empty/delete to the recycle bin until you refresh the screen unless you perform a registry hack each time you choose new icons. (add ,0 after the...