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    How to Run Start Screen (Modern UI) Apps in Desktop Windows (ModernMix)

    Good post! I have a question, Mike, is the Modern UI compatible with Windows 8.1?:)
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    Start up softwares taking longer than usual?

    You are welcome, my computer also is Dell, so I was maddenin to this problem, I think we should complain it on the website of Dell, hahaha~;)
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    Boiling eggs

    Hahaha~ you'd better control a shorter time of boiling eggs, about 3 minutes.
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    Start up softwares taking longer than usual?

    I found many dell laptops has this problem, it is caused by slow system In most instances. I suggest that you can use the Advanced SystemCare or Tuneup Utilities to optimize your system.
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    Driver update software

    Thanks for your advice, Titanic!
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    Windows hangs or freezes

    Thanks your post!:redface:
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    My Start button in Win 8.1 pro preview

    It's not free...:frown: I use the Start Menu 8 in my win 8, It's free!
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    Driver update software

    Oh sorry, I didn't see the same issue, I just want to share~:tongue:
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    Driver update software

    Outdated drivers may effect your PC performance, if you want to update them, the following software maybe helpful. Free: Driver Booster Drivermax SlimDrivers Free Driver Scout DriverPack Solution Paid: Driver Reviver Driver Navigator Driver Checker
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    No, Adobe Reader V9 or V10 only be used to read and note PDF. you can use the Adobe Acrobat edit PDF.
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    Why does MS require a user to entrer a new poassword every week???

    What's your OS? administrator password?
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    Blue screen on Gaming

    Only blue screen on gaming? does it happens when you watch online video? if only game, you are suggested to try the Razer Game Booster.
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    How to Run System Health Check

    I had a try, OMG, so many problem...
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    Windows Outlook Down

    I didn't use Outlook, I'm used to gmail.
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    New Forum Node Structure

    When update is complete?