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    Driver problem won't allow me to upgrade to 7?

    Is there any slipstreaming capability with this new OS I wonder. That would probably work but you would have to adopt an old XP or vista slipstreaming technique. I don't feel qualified to try to tell you how but maybe someone with a proven technique will see this or maybe you can google up...
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    PM me where and I'll remove the post.
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    Driver problem won't allow me to upgrade to 7?

    The new OS is deciding for whatever reason that your driver will not play nice with W7. Seeing how it is working now i'm sure it's frustrating but, there is no way in my knowledge to override this. Others may have an idea? If you do turn to a clean install (my recommendation )be sure to copy...
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    can't make audio cds with windows media player 11

    What OS/version of windows media player are you running? Windows media player should have a drop down at the top of the list pane (play list thing) where you can select burn options.
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    Just remember I can't confirm that it works, I'm pretty sure I can find you articles that read windows 7 is free forever doesn't mean MS gonna send one in the mail. The good news is that all you can lose if it fails is the Windows 7 installation that you had to nuke anyway.
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    It has been rumored and written in articles that you can upgrade in place from RC to the final version (GA).I haven't done it so I can not confirm it. However... A: You will still need a qualifying OS to use upgrade media (Vista, Xp what have you) which is cheaper. B: You will find that most...
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    Hard Drive Access Denied

    You probably need to take ownership of the drive. Go to the drive in computer -->right click -->propertied --> security tab, near the bottom click advanced --> owner tab --> click edit-->select your name -->click OK hopefully that is all the holdup is.
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 desktop screenshot

    Finally got it all worked out well enough to post it here. Notice the clear desktop I love my libraries and jump lists! Positioning the superbar on the right took a little getting used to as well but it really is more intuitive once you use autohide to keep your horizontal space clear when...
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    USB: Unknown Device

    Are the drivers you installed intended for Vista? If they are intended for Xp chances are they won't work. Some drivers that are for Vista are still ports of Xp drivers these usually won't work either. If you can find Vista drivers for your device try to uninstall the drivers currently in device...
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    Processor Problem

    maybe something was running when you first ran the windows experience index. Try refreshing the index (small blue text to the right at the bottom of the page.)
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    Processor Problem

    Hey John I'm trying to troubleshoot a possibly poor install on my heatsink... What sort of idle/load temps are you seeing with your rig?
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    Processor Problem

    are you monitoring your temps at all? I have the identical processor and that rating is definitely low mine receives a 4.6. I remember my processor is very bad for losing clock cycles when it get's too hot. You could try to disable Intel Speed Step technology in BIOS but don't do it unless your...
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    how to uncache/release RAM

    RAM is VERY cheap these days bud, go here and scan your sysstem they will tell you what to buy and how much it wil cost.
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    Windows 7 Forums Toolbar Available

    No the genius come from the fact that I poked around in there for fifteen minutes looking for a way to indicate that a subscribed thread was replied to, and you my friend found one where I could not. By extension if your not a genius, then I, who couldn't find this message, are on some order of...
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    how to uncache/release RAM

    You could try to disable superfetch that would leave some RAM free,but the real answer is a small RAM upgrade even another gig would make a world of difference, board supporting of course.