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    Windows 7 Red Alert 3

    sure, after you installed the eadm and have logged in, just click activate (or register) and enter your key code from the game. After that you probably can select the preffered language. And then you can play:)
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    Windows 7 Red Alert 3

    Try activating it with the ea download manager. It can be that it uses an online verification, and that is somehow thinks the game is pirated, but if you activate it with the eadm it won't come up again. You can download it here EA Download Manager Software Informer: Latest version download...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 - 32 or 64 Bit for gaming?

    well I have no problems with gaming on a 64 bit system, so long as you make sure you have an updated system before installing games it doesn't seem like you need to use all kind of compatibility modes or anything, my games even run smoother now, gta4 a bit to smooth I might ass:P @Screamz91...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 - 32 or 64 Bit for gaming?

    If you have 4 gb-ram and a graphics card with dedicated memory it is a good idea to upgrade to a 64 bit os, just because it supports more ram. 32 bit only supports a total of 4 gb-ram seeing the graphics card ram and normal ram as the same memory, so upgrading also gives a little boost to your...
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    Windows 7 Problem in installation ??

    which prince of persia game are you installing? edit: The windows compatibility center has no information about the games, so I can't tell you which versions work and which not, but if you say which game of the series you are trying to install, I and maybe others can help you better.
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    Windows 7 Resident evil 5 on windows 7 ( Problem )

    you might still try installing the latest direct x 9.0c, it will look if there are files that are missing or maybe still can be updated, and it might really help. The thing is, direct x 10 and 11 are different from 9.0c so they use some different files also, maybe your game uses other files that...
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    Windows 7 SAW & Windows 7 (32bit)

    You don't have the right system requirements. I looked it up for you; Saw: The Videogame System Requirements - PC Game Saw: The Videogame System Specs . So you can't run it. And the reason it doesn't start at all can be because you installed drivers after the game, so reinstalling the game...
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    Windows 7 warcraft 3 serious help please

    Well I would install the graphics driver from the manufacturers website even if windows automaticly installs the drivers. the drivers from windows update are a bit faulty, i did a test on my friends pc and there were several files missing from the windows update drivers so he couldn't play...
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    Windows 7 Resident evil 5 on windows 7 ( Problem )

    Do you have the latest srivers installed for your graphics card? and try to install direct x 9.0c.
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    Windows 7 Lag on some games, not online

    Do you have defragging set on automatic, or does your virus scanner automaticly scan for virusses ones a week? could be because of that.. i also have some strange mouse lag with prototype, sometimes I have to shake with my mouse quite hard to get it turning propely in game again, someone knows...
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    Windows 7 Doom 3 and Windows 7

    according to the windows compatibility center doom 3 is compatible with windows 7. But to be sure, you will have to try it.
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    Windows 7 How do you get GTA IV to work in Win 7?????

    Well, I had that problem also, and it took me a reinstall of windows 7 and updating the drivers and installing directx 9.0c before i connect to the internet or install games to get it to work. I have a topic opened on this forum for the right way to install it...
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    Windows 7 Crysis stops working

    It might be due to the fact that you have 2 gb ram and windows 7 64 bit, 2 gb ram is the minimum requirement for win 7 64 bit, so you can have problems running games. I've seen such problems with other systems to.
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    Windows 7 Need for speed Most Wanted

    If I were you I would upgrade Ram memory, Don't know if you run 32 bit or 64 bit, but 1 gb Ram is the minimum requirement for win 7 32 bit. Windows 7 system requirements - Microsoft Windows
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    Windows 7 Gaming Performance

    I will look at it on my home pc where I also have windows 7, but in vista you can go to advanced energy settings and that shows what the devices do on main power and on battery power, and you can change the settings there to. problem is, I don't know the exact names of the energy management...