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    Some questions about system image backups

    I guess I could have been more clear .......... System image backups seem to proceed at a maximum transfer rate (across a 1Gb/s network) of less than 10Mbits/sec. Obviously this takes forever for a 200GByte system image. My question is, why is the "system image" portion of the backup so slow...
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    Sony Vaio "FN" Keys

    I have a VGN-FW285D running Windows 7 RC (Build 7100). I have NOT installed any of the Sony software yet, but I notice that the "extra" keys (S1 etc) do seem to work, but there is no visual feedback. On the other hand, the Fn keys in general DON'T work (exception so far is the FN2, i.e. mute)...
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    Some questions about system image backups

    So, I'm doing system image backups over a 1Gb/s network. The system being backed up is a Sony notebook (FW285D) with a 500GB hard drive. The backup runs at a steady 4-5MBytes/sec transfer which seems slow (I should note that a scheduled Win7 backup bursts at 24-45MBytes/sec), and as a result the...
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    Windows Media Player 12

    Yea, I finally got sick of seeing WMP Not Responding and 70%+ of my quad core in use for ever, every time I started up WMP. I had already modified the library settings to NOT include MyPictures or MyMusic, but WMP blithely ignored that and went on to scan, index, and preview my 20,000+ pictures...