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    Non-Continous PDF Page Editing

    Thanks for the reply.....What I want to do is take 1 PDF and insert it at several points of another PDF...and skip pages of insertion, ie leave some of the original pages of the second PDF intack. THus, non-continous. THis is what I mean.
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    Non-Continous PDF Page Editing

    Anyoneknow of a PDF editor that allows for non-continous page replacement? None of the software I tried have it- Adobe Acrobat DC, and all similar alternates, insist on continuous page replacement, doesn't allow me to skip pages.
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    Newb Question about Windows Store

    How can you tell if the app owner updates their app? All I see is the Release Date. In Android stores you can see the last updated version. I hesitated to download apps when the visible date is years old. But many big publishers seem to have "older" apps by Release understand how...